Driving around

So, today was spent driving here and there and everywhere.

There was work and school in the morning, and then after work I took a quick nap. I had to pick up the girls after school (and nap) because Gryffindor had a party to go to tonight. I drove her and Ravenclaw out to Lynnfield to drop her off at the party (after finding the best birthday card ever, with Snoopy dancing with flashing lights and the Snoopy dance song).

After dropping Gryffindor off at her party I dropped Ravenclaw off at the Olive Garden with her dad. Then I had dinner solo at Wagamama, which was awesome. A noodle soup with fish, calamari, and shrimp. Plus wakame, scallions, and spinach. Yum!!!

Hufflepuff refused to go out to eat with me, so I brought her home dinner. I’m nice that way. Then I took another nap before going to pick up Gryffindor. She was so happy at that party! She felt totally included and welcome and said it was the best party she’s been to. :)

She and I stopped at Sonic for drinks, and decided to try the sweet potato tots. Not a fan. Blech. And we both love tots and love sweet potatoes.

The Chosen One was home when I got back and we have had some lovely conversation. We planned to watch Psych, but technology failings and my migraine’s return killed that idea. Now sleep so I can be productive tomorrow.