Another stellar day

It was so nice to wake up in our house with my husband, knowing that he was working from home that day. It’s wonderful that he can work from home three days a week! So grateful for that!

Meanwhile, after dropping the girls off at school I came back to get my stuff packed up and the trash & recycling put up (at the old house trash & recycling were picked up on Tuesday, I’m still not used to having it picked up on Mondays). And then I went to Hufflepuff’s IEP meeting.

Her father was there. Which surprised me. It was a lot of fun to sit there while she doesn’t want to talk to him, but he keeps trying to talk to her. I was telling her to be polite, but that’s as good as she could do. I wanted to hit him when he said he wanted her in all “normal” classes. Ugh. And then also insisting that she should be taking Spanish.

On the plus side, we basically ignored him, and I got what Hufflepuff and I wanted. She’ll be mainstreamed for next year in a College Prep English class, with curriculum support periods and other supports while she’s in the non-Language Based English class. Here’s hoping it goes well.

Work went well.

After work I came home and was doing laundry, then came up the stairs from the basement laundry area. When I got to the top of the stairs Yuki (the cat) raced up the stairs, passed me, and jumped into the front window. Only a moment later Ravenclaw and her friend passed the window! Wow! That was freaky! I’ll admit that I think my cat is awesome and part dog (she regularly follows me from room to room and greets me at the door), but this was very cool.

Then we had an orthodontist appointment for the older 2. Yay. They are grouchy. I bought them off with McDonalds shakes and Happy Meal toys (it’s still MLP time) while I went grocery shopping for soft foods.

I was irritable when we got home – some noise that Ravenclaw was playing in the car made my headache peak badly. Ow.

We did have FHE tonight, though. We did a quick song, prayer, and chat about treating other people’s property nicely, and then played Family Fluxx. I love that game! I need to get more versions, though. Hufflepuff tantrummed and left the game, but I made her come back. Of course she had “things to do”, but some things in our family are non-negotiable, and FHE and family meals are two of them.

I got some nice cuddle time with my husband before finishing packing lunches and getting everything ready for tomorrow. Now to sleep, and read a bit more of the book for book club which I am not loving. Maybe my attitude will change as I read more.