A Return to Real Life

snowflakesToday marked a return to our real lives after a 2 week vacation. It was hard! No one wanted to get out of bed with the alarms this morning!

This also meant a return to bento making, which was fun. After two snow days last week, I used snowflakes as a theme for their lunches today. It was lovely to get back into the routine of making lunches, but I will admit that I really liked sleeping in and not having a schedule. Ah well, I can’t have everything.

I got really frustrated part way through my day when a woman from the High School called me – apparently since Hufflepuff was out for a week with a stomach bug they need a doctor’s note. And I should know this because it was in the student handbook. Do people really read every word in the handbook? They already require me to call AND write a note to excuse an absence. First, if my kid was going to forge my signature on a note, they’d forge my voice, too. Secondly, it’s an annoying waste of time and energy.

So, I had to traipse over to the Dr’s office. They can’t fax the note to the school, because it’s considered a medical record, which means faxing it is a HIPPA violation. Yeesh! It turns out our doctor isn’t in on Mondays, so I’ll have to go back tomorrow in the hopes of getting the note. 2 days after she is back at school. It’s idiotic.


In much less annoying news, I got the call that my glasses were ready! I was really excited about these. So, when I picked up Ravenclaw from play practice today we drove over to pick up my glasses. After getting them fit to my face properly we treated ourselves with Cherry Limeades from Sonic. Ravenclaw knows the right buttons to push! :) I’m so weak when it comes to Sonic Cherry Limeade!

The new glasses are bifocals. Yes, bifocals. Not progressive lenses without the line, I get the old fashioned kind with the line. My right eye has no central retina, I have a nystagmus, and the eye doctors cut the muscle in my right eye as a little kid so it wouldn’t be crossed any more. All this leads up to me tilting my head to focus. Apparently that would be a problem with the progressives, so I got the bifocals.

They’re bigger than my other glasses. And I feel old. But, maybe they’ll help with the headaches, and maybe once I get used to them I won’t have to take off my glasses to read, which will be nice.

We started reading The House of Hades by Rick Riordan as our read-aloud book yesterday, and it’s so hard to put down! Scriptures first, then demigods. It works for us.