We’re in the sunset of out time here in the Little Purple House, so it was perfect that I was walking back after parking the car and saw this beautiful sunset over the house.

Not in the picture is the MedFlight helicopter that came into the frame a moment later. A 77yo man had fallen and was flown to a Boston hospital. I had just picked Ravenclaw up from play practice, and we had wondered why there were ambulances, police, and fire trucks at the school, and discovered later that it was because the field worked as a helicopter landing pad.

awesome shirtIn other news, work went well. After work I picked up Hufflepuff from school, she was going to help me touch up her room, but she had a bunch of math homework, so I dropped her off to do it. I got a bunch done at the new house, touching up the paint and fixing over-painting on the ceiling. I’ll look at it tomorrow in the daylight, I hope it all looks good.

Ravenclaw got her shirt for the play. They get to decide what they want on their shirts, and she was very serious that she wanted it to say that she is awesome. I will admit that I tried to convince her otherwise, but I gave up. She’s very, very happy with it, and I think she’ll wear it a lot. :) It does look good! I’m excited to see her in the play! Tickets have just gone on sale, and for the first time they are selling them online, which is just one more complication.

HP lunchI only had one lunch to decorate tonight, so here’s a sneak preview of Gryffindor’s lunch. I think she’ll be happy to have it!

I don’t know what I’ll do for lunches the week before we move… I am going to have to pack this stuff.

Ugh. Tomorrow starts serious packing. Blerg. I don’t want to do this. Painting was much more fun.

Now sleep, though. Peaks were bad today, so I needed meds. I can’t have my health screw up this move!