Friday night date night

While the girls were:

  • at their dad’s (Ravenclaw)
  • at a church Young Women’s retreat in an art studio (Gryffindor)
  • at a friend’s house (Hufflepuff)

we stayed in, ate dinner, watched one of the last episodes of Psych, and enjoyed some time without any kids in the house.

exhaustion and annoyance

I’m exhausted. I was pretty useless at work today, I took longer than usual to get anything done because I was just so spacey. Bah.

After work/school Hufflepuff and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get her comforter. And they were sold out. She is pissed off. I’ll have to order it online tomorrow. Bah.

I did get to The Container Store, and got some great organization stuff for my bento stuff and the kitchen. That made me very happy. And we snacked on some nuts rather than Sonic.

The crummy part is that my throat hurts and I’m exhausted. I’m planning to go to the Temple tomorrow, but if I feel horrible I’m going to cancel. Which will make me feel guilty and horrible. Bah.

I’ve been annoyed all day at everyone, and really tired, but The Chosen One had real problems, and I couldn’t be a brat, so I just shut up.

And now to get some sleep. Maybe tomorrow will be better.