Still tired

I don’t foresee this changing any time soon. I had a long day at work and then came home to a busy time before the girls left with their dad, then more busy-ness while The Chosen One and I tried to finish putting together the pantry. But when we put the doors on the drawers won’t open. Oops!

Today I’m feeling very grateful for my relative good health and that of my girls.

I’m also feeling strong promptings to pray for my brother & sister-in-law and their baby today. I hope everything is ok with them.

In other news I’m tired.

Hufflepuff not speaking until the end of school went well. She had a rainbow ribbon and a rainbow bracelet that says something about everyone having a voice. One boy tried to hassle her and make her talk. He did it right in front of a teacher and got sent straight to the office! I’m very impressed with her school right now. And with her. I hope she keeps learning to advocate for herself in general, but this was one specific type of advocacy that is important to her, and I’m proud of her for that.

We watched HGTV’s smart house show tonight. So cool! There are definitely things we want to integrate into our house, but other things that we didn’t like. The rooms felt really small, and I don’t understand using white upholstery on chairs in the dining room. Hunh? And they said people don’t use dining rooms. Really? Everyone I know does. But, I know Mormons. And people who cook all the time. Maybe that’s the difference?

It also annoyed me that there was a TV in every room. Including the shower. WTF? Can’t we have screen-free zones?

So tired now. Must sleep. And we kept The Chosen One up past his bedtime. Oops.

Tomorrow is Gryffindor’s scholarship interview. Ravenclaw is going to a friend’s house because The Chosen One is at the office, and she’d rather not be home alone with Hufflepuff. :)

Friday night fun

So, after work today I met with the people at St. Mary’s, the school where Gryffindor wants to attend high school. It looks like they might be able to help her attend, they just want to meet with her. We’re going to cross our fingers that the meeting goes well.

We need to work on the girls telling The Chosen One where they’re going if I’m not home. It’s not a good idea for them to leave without telling him. Just as a thought. But once I brought home Ravenclaw she and I and Gryffindor found the bedding they want for their room. And then their dad came for them.

Then I passed out for a little while.

But tonight was date night for me and The Chosen One! Dinner from Qdoba and an episode of Psych (we’re several behind). It was lovely and just like the old days!

Now sleep because I have to drive Hufflepuff to horseback riding in the morning. Yay.

Another stellar day

It was so nice to wake up in our house with my husband, knowing that he was working from home that day. It’s wonderful that he can work from home three days a week! So grateful for that!

Meanwhile, after dropping the girls off at school I came back to get my stuff packed up and the trash & recycling put up (at the old house trash & recycling were picked up on Tuesday, I’m still not used to having it picked up on Mondays). And then I went to Hufflepuff’s IEP meeting.

Her father was there. Which surprised me. It was a lot of fun to sit there while she doesn’t want to talk to him, but he keeps trying to talk to her. I was telling her to be polite, but that’s as good as she could do. I wanted to hit him when he said he wanted her in all “normal” classes. Ugh. And then also insisting that she should be taking Spanish.

On the plus side, we basically ignored him, and I got what Hufflepuff and I wanted. She’ll be mainstreamed for next year in a College Prep English class, with curriculum support periods and other supports while she’s in the non-Language Based English class. Here’s hoping it goes well.

Work went well.

After work I came home and was doing laundry, then came up the stairs from the basement laundry area. When I got to the top of the stairs Yuki (the cat) raced up the stairs, passed me, and jumped into the front window. Only a moment later Ravenclaw and her friend passed the window! Wow! That was freaky! I’ll admit that I think my cat is awesome and part dog (she regularly follows me from room to room and greets me at the door), but this was very cool.

Then we had an orthodontist appointment for the older 2. Yay. They are grouchy. I bought them off with McDonalds shakes and Happy Meal toys (it’s still MLP time) while I went grocery shopping for soft foods.

I was irritable when we got home – some noise that Ravenclaw was playing in the car made my headache peak badly. Ow.

We did have FHE tonight, though. We did a quick song, prayer, and chat about treating other people’s property nicely, and then played Family Fluxx. I love that game! I need to get more versions, though. Hufflepuff tantrummed and left the game, but I made her come back. Of course she had “things to do”, but some things in our family are non-negotiable, and FHE and family meals are two of them.

I got some nice cuddle time with my husband before finishing packing lunches and getting everything ready for tomorrow. Now to sleep, and read a bit more of the book for book club which I am not loving. Maybe my attitude will change as I read more.

Better than expected

I’m not a big fan of Thursdays. I have to work a full day, find someone to pick up at least 1 kid, ideally 2, try to get kids to do homework at home alone, get home quickly, interact with kids before their dad gets them at 5:30-6, eat something myself, then do all my usual after-work stuff with only a couple hours to do it in. Ugh.

Tonight we also had to go to a concert for Ravenclaw. She plays the flute. It was an all-band concert, with kids from 4th grade (Ravenclaw and her friends) through high school. Yay.

I’m not a good band mom. I’m a much worse orchestra mom – I actively despised orchestra concerts. I was so happy when the older girls switched to chorus from band. So happy. Anyhow, I wasn’t looking forward to this concert because I’ve seen many bad concerts over the past 5 years of my kids being in public school.

I have to admit, though, that Ravenclaw and her friends did a very good job. The concert was much better than expected. It was also longer than expected. Because Ravenclaw was there with her dad (and Gryffindor), Hufflepuff and I left before it was over. My headache acted up. No, really, it did.

We saw the 4th grade band perform 3 songs, 2 of which were rounds. And then they got off the stage while the 5th and 6th grade bands came onstage. We saw them perform a total of 3 songs, and then they left and the middle school band came up. We watched them perform (one really, really good song, one mediocre song), and then we left before the high school played 4 songs.

Ravenclaw asked for chocolate rather than flowers as a concert gift, so we obliged with a Toblerone. She was quite happy.

I’m still getting used to seeing The Chosen One every day. I really like it. It’s fun to welcome him home! :) I’m looking forward to the weekend, though! Tomorrow is Friday! Woohoo!

A Return to Real Life

snowflakesToday marked a return to our real lives after a 2 week vacation. It was hard! No one wanted to get out of bed with the alarms this morning!

This also meant a return to bento making, which was fun. After two snow days last week, I used snowflakes as a theme for their lunches today. It was lovely to get back into the routine of making lunches, but I will admit that I really liked sleeping in and not having a schedule. Ah well, I can’t have everything.

I got really frustrated part way through my day when a woman from the High School called me – apparently since Hufflepuff was out for a week with a stomach bug they need a doctor’s note. And I should know this because it was in the student handbook. Do people really read every word in the handbook? They already require me to call AND write a note to excuse an absence. First, if my kid was going to forge my signature on a note, they’d forge my voice, too. Secondly, it’s an annoying waste of time and energy.

So, I had to traipse over to the Dr’s office. They can’t fax the note to the school, because it’s considered a medical record, which means faxing it is a HIPPA violation. Yeesh! It turns out our doctor isn’t in on Mondays, so I’ll have to go back tomorrow in the hopes of getting the note. 2 days after she is back at school. It’s idiotic.


In much less annoying news, I got the call that my glasses were ready! I was really excited about these. So, when I picked up Ravenclaw from play practice today we drove over to pick up my glasses. After getting them fit to my face properly we treated ourselves with Cherry Limeades from Sonic. Ravenclaw knows the right buttons to push! :) I’m so weak when it comes to Sonic Cherry Limeade!

The new glasses are bifocals. Yes, bifocals. Not progressive lenses without the line, I get the old fashioned kind with the line. My right eye has no central retina, I have a nystagmus, and the eye doctors cut the muscle in my right eye as a little kid so it wouldn’t be crossed any more. All this leads up to me tilting my head to focus. Apparently that would be a problem with the progressives, so I got the bifocals.

They’re bigger than my other glasses. And I feel old. But, maybe they’ll help with the headaches, and maybe once I get used to them I won’t have to take off my glasses to read, which will be nice.

We started reading The House of Hades by Rick Riordan as our read-aloud book yesterday, and it’s so hard to put down! Scriptures first, then demigods. It works for us.

Shopping and snow

shopping bagsFor Christmas every year I give the girls 3 gifts – one to wear, one to read, one for fun. This year every girl got a gift card to a clothing shop and the opportunity to have a 1:1 shopping trip with me as their “to wear” gift, along with a pack of socks. I had already gone shopping with Ravenclaw (very fun, but tiring) and Gryffindor (a bit more draining), and I was, quite honestly, dreading shopping yesterday with Hufflepuff. She loves to shop. Loves it. To put it mildly, I don’t. She also loves to shop at a store with the loudest music ever. Ravenclaw had dragged me into Justice, which is plenty loud and crowded, and that had not been good for my month-long headache. G1′s gift card was to Forever 21, and that store is known for very, very loud music.

Well, it was loud. Not too crowded, thankfully, but very, very loud. And my wonderful, considerate, sweet daughter apologized for it. She was so empathetic and worried about my headache and the music. She also found some great stuff, and we left happy. I may have been happier to leave than she was, but it all went well. The shopping at Target, the store where they play no music at all, was made much more awesome by the Forever 21 stop.

mickeyMeanwhile, we are now in the midst of a snowstorm. It’s supposed to be a long, cold snowstorm with light, fluffy snow, but an awful lot of it. Last night they cancelled school before any snow fell, which continues to confuse me. I’ve become a total skeptic about snowstorms after several failed to materialize, so I wasn’t believing that the storm would come until the snow actually started falling. In the morning, shoveling the front steps and brushing off the car before driving to work, I completely agreed with the decision. Plus, it was nice not to be awoken at 5am to be told the kids got to sleep in. I left them snuggled in their beds with a note written in dry erase marker on the mirror telling them to call or text me when they wake up. Normally I have the day off if school is cancelled, but after a week and a half vacation from work I felt like I needed to show up.

I left at noon with my boss’s blessing, came home to shovel again, and saw that Mickey reported over 6″ of snow.  Hufflepuff is off skating with her friend, and the younger two are watching an animé tv show. Tomorrow’s school and work have already been called off, so we have a quiet day or two ahead.