Dinner and a migraine

Today started out pretty well. Everyone got to school and work on time, and I had a pretty productive day at work. I learned how to calculate the likely estate tax for estates over $1 million in Massachusetts. Useful information.

After work I picked up Hufflepuff from her friend M’s house, then got home and saw the younger two for about 15 minutes before their dad picked them up and I went out for dinner with my friend M.

It was so nice to sit and chat and eat healthy vegan food! I’ve missed her so much! Now that I’m driving myself and the girls places, I don’t see M as much. It’s partly good, partly sad. I’m glad we found the time to get a bite to eat together, though. And I picked up some food for Gryffindor’s lunch tomorrow, too.

I was happily surprised to find The Chosen One home when I got there at 7:30. He’s usually not home until well after 8. Unfortunately, my migraine got bad after dinner, so I just climbed into bed and turned the light out.

I need to remember that I’m just grumpy when I have a migraine. I just grumped at the girls for a while for being too loud for me, but it might just be the migraine rather than them actually being loud. Hard to tell. And they’re also being more boisterous than I’d like at night, but I’m definitely more grouchy than usual about that.

Now bed. Immediately if not sooner. And more migraine meds.

Movie Night is Back!

My friends M&S and I have been doing Movie Night on the first Wednesday of the month for a couple years now. But we missed the past few months due to the craziness of the move and holidays. Tonight we did it again! It was great! We watched Fever Pitch, which was very appropriate given that the Red Sox season just started. Fun movie, one I don’t understand why I had never seen it before. Awesome.

Before that work was fine. Gryffindor enjoyed her free time after her half day. Ravenclaw whined about her field trip not being as awesome as she wanted. Hufflepuff and her friend P put together her night stand and only damaged one thing. And it doesn’t show! It looks great all put together. Next up is her bookcase.

The one big negative of the day is that I barely saw The Chosen One. Seriously. I saw him briefly in the morning, but he was asleep when I got home. :( I miss him! :( I barely saw him yesterday due to the church activities for the girls, too. I’m glad the weekend is coming up and I can actually spend time with my husband. Love him.

So grateful that today was another nice day with the weather. Not as gorgeous as yesterday, but Hufflepuff walked home from school without any drama. Which is good.

BTW it takes 7 minutes to get from the new house to S’s house at 7:50pm. I have a feeling it takes 3x that amount of time to get there 12 hours earlier than that. Traffic is still confusing to me. I’ve only been driving again since November and the nature of the traffic still boggles my mind. Thankfully I don’t get stressed by it, but it is annoying.

And now to at least sleep next to my husband. It’s almost like spending time with him. Ish.

That was an improvement

Today was better than yesterday.

Admittedly, that wasn’t a hard feat to achieve.

We got the kids to school early, so that went well. The Chosen One got me to the tire place just after it opened, but the traffic was such that he left from there to work. Ugh! The traffic must’ve sucked. And he was away from home for 13 hours! :(

My migraine kicked up a fuss about the smell at the tire place, but they were awesome, my tire got changed, and I’m happy. I have to find a local junkyard to get a donut/rim for a replacement spare, but that shouldn’t be too hard.

After work I got to Staples and Whole Foods before picking up kids. Shopping without them is much easier. We now have a station with pens & pencils & what-not on the breakfast bar for homework, so no more searching for a pencil. And I knew I was tired so I got easy food for dinner.

Ravenclaw had a friend over, and I got to show the mom around the house. :) It was nice to show off!

After the friend left we ran errands – we needed to go to Christmas Tree Shops to get curtains for the younger girls’ room and curtain rods for both girls’ bedrooms, plus some things here and there. It went really well.

I also got all my clothes put away! Woot! I feel so much better now. I got the coats hung up in the wardrobe, too, which also helps.

Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day, but it’s also Pinkie Pie day/Balloon Day in MLP world, and that’s what I focused on for lunches. I’m not feeling up to tricks/pranks this time.

And now to sleep so I can pretend to be a morning person again tomorrow. Yay.

exhaustion and annoyance

I’m exhausted. I was pretty useless at work today, I took longer than usual to get anything done because I was just so spacey. Bah.

After work/school Hufflepuff and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get her comforter. And they were sold out. She is pissed off. I’ll have to order it online tomorrow. Bah.

I did get to The Container Store, and got some great organization stuff for my bento stuff and the kitchen. That made me very happy. And we snacked on some nuts rather than Sonic.

The crummy part is that my throat hurts and I’m exhausted. I’m planning to go to the Temple tomorrow, but if I feel horrible I’m going to cancel. Which will make me feel guilty and horrible. Bah.

I’ve been annoyed all day at everyone, and really tired, but The Chosen One had real problems, and I couldn’t be a brat, so I just shut up.

And now to get some sleep. Maybe tomorrow will be better.


Ta Da!

The Little Purple House has been vacated! All of our stuff is out. And I’ve done a basic cleaning. Phew! I totally crashed at the end of the day.

I listed a table and a loft bed on Craigslist. Haven’t heard anything about the table but 2 people emailed me about the bed. Here’s hoping someone takes it. If not, I’ll list it for free this weekend.

In other news, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw had the MCAS long composition today, and they came home grouchy. Ravenclaw brought a friend home and was pretty good until the friend left. Hufflepuff was a bear the whole afternoon and evening.

I’m exhausted. I crashed around 7 tonight, after pushing myself hard for a few weeks. I can’t do any more. Blerg. Now to put together Ikea stuff, buy Hufflepuff’s bed in a bag, and and and and … the list never ends.

On the plus side, now The Chosen One really understands why I’m tired every weekend! I go back to work tomorrow, and it sounds relaxing.

Even more boxes

I’m creating a wall, I think. A wall of boxes. The dining room table is covered in them. And it’s spreading into the living room. We’ve almost emptied the kitchen, and a good part of the living room is emptied. The dining room is emptied. The girls’ room is mostly packed up. My room needs some work, but there’s nothing on my shelves any more. It’s a long process, though.

Today I had work, and I got some stuff done. But, because my boss is awesome, he told me that I shouldn’t come in until 1:30, and he might not need me at all. Yay!

Tomorrow is Ravenclaw’s first play, and she’s talked Hufflepuff into doing her make up for the show. I get to do hair. :) I’m looking forward to seeing her on Saturday night!

I talked to the girls’ father, and he has agreed to let Gryffindor go to the Catholic school if I can finagle the finances. He had been refusing, so this is a huge break. I’ll call them up tomorrow to talk further.

I had forgotten about Ravenclaw’s half day today, and got very lucky. Her friend K’s mom agreed to pick her up. They live kinda near my work, so I thought they would just drop Ravenclaw off at my office. Instead they took her to lunch at 5 Guys and then had her play until 5! I got a quick chat in with her, and it looks like Hufflepuff might get a babysitting gig for K while the mom is working. The parents are a radio DJ and a chef, so no 9-5 hours there! Ugh. I just have to worry about Thursdays with Ravenclaw, as I work a full day and she no longer has play practice.

I’ve dropped a lot of balls due to this move, and I’m trying to pick them up and keep juggling. Why doesn’t the world just pause while I try to get it all together? Why do things have to happen this week? Blerg. I really need a pause button on my life.

The Chosen One and I put out the welcome mat today at the new house. Literally – we put out the foot scraping door mat and the blue rug for the mudroom. He got the rugs steam cleaned upstairs, so tomorrow we’ll bring up Hufflepuff’s mattress. Gryffindor’s mattress came rolled up, so we unrolled that upstairs today to let it re-puff. Their rug is also unrolled and looking cute. I’m going to need to put together their nightstands and Gryffindor’s bed, as well as having to put together everything else. Oh, and apparently Hufflepuff needs sheets. I forgot that I was moving her up a size of bed, which means that I need to get her new sheets. Oops.

It’s been a long day. I’m exhausted. And there’s so much left to do! Gah! It makes me think of a Calvin and Hobbes comic where the dad tucks Calvin into bed and says, “another busy day tomorrow!” and Calvin freaks out. That’s about how I feel. It’ll be OK though. It’ll all work out.

Making progress

Today made a huge difference in the pile of stuff. I think we might actually get this done. It helps that Gryffindor (who has the most stuff left to pack other than household stuff) has Thursday and Friday off. Ravenclaw took today off to pack, and was a huge help. Hufflepuff will take off Friday.

It was so cool to stop in the house and see the floors all looking shiny! My mom rocks!

It was also cool to see all the big pile of stuff from Ikea! Now to put it all together! Methinks some children will be sleeping on mattresses for a night or two until I can get the beds put together.

I just realized I have to buy sheets for Hufflepuff’s bed. She’s moving up to a full from a twin. Whoops! How did I miss that?

My body is aching from all the packing, but we got a lot done, and the first floor has turned into box central. It looks like the boxes are taking over! But it works.

I brought over a second bench (third to go over tomorrow). They’re going to look so nice in the mudroom! I’m so excited about that room! I just saw that Christmas Tree Shops has the benches again. I’m wondering if we should get another one, but we’re probably good. My mom is wonderful, but evil for giving me their flier…

I can’t believe I have to work tomorrow. How can I focus on anything other than packing?? My boss is coming back today from Orlando, so he wants us to try to get some work done when he gets back, and I’m sure that will be helpful. But this week is nuts. Tomorrow Ravenclaw has a half day and my mom has plans. Thankfully her friend K’s mom can pick them up and bring them for lunch, then I can pick her up after that. Then there’s (guess what!) more packing and even more packing. Yay!

I’ve got to ask if I can check out of work at 1 on Thursday. I usually work a full day, but I’m very concerned about getting everything done if I have to work until 5. But I’m really wishing I could go to book club on Thursday night. It’ll depend on what I get done tomorrow, I guess. I’m glad I have Friday off (and then Monday and Tuesday), because that means that these things might actually happen.

Ravenclaw is whining a lot about moving. She is begging me to never move again. I really don’t think we’d move before she goes to college, so she’s pretty darn safe. But it does suck for her. She moved 3 times in 6 years, which is probably too much for a 10 year old. I told her about my 9 moves in Marblehead, but that didn’t impress her. Oh – and that doesn’t count the move their dad did. So 4 moves in 6 years. Blergh.

Hufflepuff, on the other hand, is already out the door. She wants to be in the new house yesterday, if not sooner. So she’s almost eager to be helpful. Not really, but she is pretty good at pretending to be willing to help out.

The girls have been excited about our diet over the past week and a half. Pizza twice, Qdoba, etc. The only thing I’ve made was spaghetti with sauce & sausages a couple times. My wallet and the rest of me will be happy once we’ve moved and I can cook again. Until then, we can enjoy the gluten-free versions of fast-ish food in the area.

I’m up late – brain kept churning despite being tired. I need to crash, though. I did make a couple shamrock lunches for tomorrow, today’s were just leftover pizza.

A Sisyphusian task

Or at least it feels like that. The more I get done the more there is to do. Ugh.

Sisyphus at least just had to push a boulder up a mountain. He didn’t have to find boxes to put the boulders into, then find more boxes and even more boxes. Blerg.

It’ll all get done, I know that. I believe that. It just feels like it won’t. And after spending almost 2 hours scrubbing the floors in the new house (to get the paint off the floors), I felt like I was in a losing battle with the boxes. A friend came over to help pack, but I wasn’t even sure what she should do. I gave her a few things, but it felt like I wasn’t organized enough to have things packed. Bah.

Tomorrow the stuff from Ikea will be delivered (yay!), and I’ll spend more time packing. I have to work Wednesday and Thursday, but I’ll be off Friday. However, Gryffindor has a school exhibition tomorrow night and I should go to that. Plus, Ravenclaw has a play Thurs-Sat. And we’re moving on Saturday. And going to her play at 6:30. No stress there at all.

My eye is twitching with stress. Usually it doesn’t bother me because it happens to my right eye, but I’m not good when eye things happen to my good eye. And this twitch is in my left eye.

We had one more trip to Home Depot today to get a quart of the paint for the bathroom for my mom to finish, and we tried to get a quart of paint for the threshold between the mudroom and library. It’s currently white and trashed. We got a dark brownish burgundy. I think it’ll look great, but I worry that The Chosen One felt pushed into it. What would be ideal is having a friend paint it to make it look like wood planks. Or just redoing the threshold. Or sanding it down and putting on a coat of poly. And maybe we’ll do some of those things in time, but it would just be nice for it not to look trashed when we move in.

Now to go to sleep close to 10 rather than close to 12, maybe that will help. My legs and hips are worn out – all that sitting on the floor in the mudroom scraping and scrubbing off paint sucks.


7 hours at Ikea. 10:30am-5:30pm. That’s a lot.

But, we found most of what we needed. We found the wardrobe and the pantry we wanted, and got them fitted out exactly the way we wanted them.

We also found a bed for Gryffindor, a box spring and mattress for Hufflepuff, and a bunch of other stuff. Lamps, clothes hangers, clips for bags, shelves, night stands, bookshelves for the girls’ rooms, and a gnome puppet. And more. Including lingonberry jam. :)

I’m exhausted from all the walking around. I can’t think very well.

We did have a nice first night in the new house, though! Despite the air mattress deflating as we slept… And now The Chosen One is sleeping at the new house on Hufflepuff’s mattress while she sleeps on the couch here for a night. We’ll go get her mattress tomorrow.

I’m going to pass out soon. I’m feeling intensely grateful for The Chosen One’s willingness to drive us and help out with everything. And for my kids being helpful much of the time. I only wanted to ditch Hufflepuff a few times. I got irritable, got better when I ate, and then got irritable again at the end.

Good night.