It’s an adjustment

Now that we’ve been married for almost 2 months (wow!) after dating for 4 1/2 years, and living together for almost 2 weeks, I get asked a lot how things are going. It’s pretty easy to see if people are asking off-handedly or if they are asking because they care.

So there are two answers. “Just fine!” for the first people.

“It’s an adjustment!” for the second people.

I have 3 kids. Hufflepuff (15 1/2) is a pretty stereotypical teenage girl. She’s loud, has a bunch of friends, talks on the phone all the time, is sarcastic and loves a good eye roll and dramatic hair flip, and it’s all about her.

Gryffindor (13 1/2) is in her own world (really), and can either be quiet and easy to have around or she’s loud and baiting her sisters. There’s not a lot of in-between for her. She takes some getting used to as she has some, um, quirks. She might be a bit phobic about some things. Or just odd.

Ravenclaw (10 1/2) is a pretty stereotypical 4th grade girl. Everything is about her friends. She’s loud, a bit whiny, loves pretty things, and wants everything immediately. She’s obsessed with TV and screen time (ugh) and is really happiest when she either has a friend over or is watching TV. She has friends over a lot.

None of them are quiet. Well, except Gryffindor sometimes. None of them are easy. And they’re used to having a bustling house with lots of chaos.

It’s an adjustment

I married the bestest guy ever. I love The Chosen One more than I could’ve imagined. It’s clear he has to deal with a lot of my baggage (i.e.: me constantly apologizing for being sick, expecting bad treatment for things, etc), and he’s really good natured about it. And he loves the girls. Absolutely. He had really been upset at all he was missing out on before we moved in together. He loves spending time with them and doing stuff.

But, I also married an only child. Not only that, but an only child who had lived alone for decades.

So, it’s an adjustment. We’re used to sharing everything. He’s not. We’re used to chaos, loudness, and a certain level of crazy. He’s not. The weeks we’ve spent together on vacation together are very different from the day-to-day of getting everyone to school, church, work, and activities.

It’s an adjustment.

It’ll all be ok. But there’s a lot to get used to. And compromise. From all of us. There are things we’ll all have to accept in each other. But it’s all worth it. Because we’re a family. And no matter what we’re in this together.

But it’s still an adjustment.

Not as tired

It’s possibly not a good sign about the past week, but today felt like a good day because I didn’t accidentally fall asleep at any point during the day. It was nice to not feel exhausted throughout the day at least.

Today’s conversation on the way to school started out with a conversation about Dame Maggie Smith and how she was fighting breast cancer during Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and resting in a muggle wheelchair. The rest of the conversation devolved from there into questions about what a wizarding wheelchair would look like, could Madame Pomfrey regrow amputated limbs, and how sacrilegious is it to requote Luke 1:37 as “Ron 1:37 – with Madame Pomfrey nothing is impossible”

However, the dinner conversation was not as exciting. We were talking about why vegetarians didn’t care about the pain and suffering of vegetables being cooked for dinner when they care about the pain and suffering of animals dying for their dinner.

In other news Hufflepuff wants to go to a conference that’s on my little brother’s birthday. I’m fine with that, but for some reason my oldest brother’s 50th birthday party is that night. Even though his birthday is 7 months later. I don’t understand.

AS I’m typing this The Chosen One and Gryffindor are having a very odd conversation that’s mixing yoga, kung fu, and random thoughts. I dare you to have a conversation with Gryffindor that isn’t random. “You can be a superhero! Like Super Kung-Fu Man!” “My favorite yoga pose is corpse pose.”

Crazy day

So the beginning of the day was pretty normal. We (unlike the day before) didn’t have to stop back at the house even once! Yay us! Work went normally, too. Nothing unusual.

Until I got emails from the school saying there was a bomb threat at the high school and kids had been sitting in the cold in the field for an hour while the school was checked. And then it happened again. Wow.

This is in our little town north of Boston. Where no one has even thought about having metal detectors. Where we don’t really have crime unless someone steals a car that has been left running and unlocked at the curb. Where the police report is about loitering teens and dogs barking. Two bomb threats in one day.

Tomorrow the high schoolers are to bring everything in clear plastic bags. No backpacks. No lunch boxes. Everything in clear plastic. No phones or iPads or any electronics, either. The threat was made using an app called Yik Yak, a social networking app that posts things anonymously. I read that it’s possible to determine what phone sent the threat, but that’s a rumor at this point.

If Hufflepuff goes to school tomorrow she will be carrying everything – we don’t magically have clear bags. We have every other kind of bag, but not clear ones. She’s of the position that the school isn’t safe. I’m on her side, but don’t let her know I said that. I don’t see how putting the kids in the field outside the school protected them from a bomb. They still would’ve been hurt/killed in the field. They should’ve been excused. And by the time the 2nd threat came, they really should’ve been excused.

I am fully of the belief that it’s better to be inconvenienced than dead. So I don’t have a problem with the no backpacks/lunchboxes/phones thing. It’s the not sending the kids home thing that is irking me. And not telling the parents until it’s over. On the plus side, they did tell the parents. Some schools have had similar problems with the app and didn’t tell the parents. Yeesh.

In other news I got some boxes packed, the girls had fun with friends, and life goes on. I’m not sure what Ravenclaw did at church tonight, but Hufflepuff and her friend and Gryffindor played toilet paper dodgeball, a perennial favorite. It’s a great one to bring a friend to, too.

While they were having fun I took down all the blinds at the new house. I was planning to get blue tape (my mom ran out today while taping in preparation for painting the trim), but the hardware store was closed. I’ll have to get it after dropping the girls off in the am.

Tomorrow is more of the same. Well, no more bomb threats, I hope. But more packing and house stuff, more kids and more stress. But we had take out pizza. And the lunches tomorrow aren’t very cute. I’m losing my drive to do fun baking, etc, as I stress over the move. I just want to be in the new house before my birthday. I want to live with my whole family, including my husband! I just hate packing and hate moving. Bah.

It’s still winter

Snowy table

That’s the post for today’s #cy365, and that’s definitely part of today. It’s cold. It’s snowy. And the snow gets packed down and turns into ice. It’s pretty, like in the picture of the little table in the front yard, but it’s not always what I most want to deal with.

I woke up exhausted today. I’m going to write to the doctor tomorrow about the beta blockers, because this isn’t a great side effect. It makes it hard for me to get anything done at all. And I really need to get moving on packing and cleaning. And I’m even behind on baking! That never happens!

I did get to work, though, and got work things done. It was nice to actually have work to do at work. I really prefer that to having nothing to do. We had also dropped off thank you notes with Legal Seafood gift cards to my folks and my boss, and they were both very appreciative. It left me feeling really good, too, which is always nice.

After work I had to run to the grocery store and to Whole Foods. When I got home I had to lie down for a little bit, but I didn’t get much time to do that before I had to go get Ravenclaw from her play practice. Then we went and bought tickets for the Lego Movie at the theater across the street from our house.

Because I was exhausted much of the day (except for right now of course) I doctored frozen pizza for our dinner – added extra cheese and some toppings. Then Hufflepuff’s friend came over and we all went to the movies. The girls have been broken – they know to go to the regular store to get a drink (or bring seltzer from the SodaStream) and candy, then just buy popcorn at the theater. It so much cheaper.

The movie was in the “screening room”, which means there are chairs at conference tables. Very cushy chairs! It was nice. The movie was great, too. Lots of good messages, some good acting and great voice acting. And a song that is stuck in my head. I’m glad I hadn’t seen that it was a Will Farrell movie, as I don’t always love him. I had read nothing and had seen no trailers. I’m glad I went in cold – I loved the movie, but I might not have wanted to see it based on trailers and reviews. It’s not my typical movie. Now, the trailers before the movie were awesome – can’t wait to see The Muppets, Rio 2, and How to Train Your Dragon 2. Mr. Peabody is a movie I think I could wait until it’s out on DVD rather than seeing it in the theaters. The Muppet movie opens the day before my birthday, so that’s a lovely present! By then The Chosen One will be living with us so he can join us for movies. I missed him today when we were watching The Lego Movie. He would love it. I’ll have to go see it with him, too. :)

In other news after we dropped off Hufflepuff’s friend, she and I went to the new house to turn down the thermostats and check it out. The upstairs bathroom is now fully functional, but there are holes in the walls and we need to have more holes in the walls to get rid of mold from water leaking from the burst pipes. Yay. Ugh.

However… when I parked in the driveway I wasn’t paying attention to the fact that it’s snow packed on top of ice. And the car got stuck. I tried to get out, Hufflepuff tried to dig us out, nothing worked. So we called AAA. They came and towed us out. With huge flashy lights and a big truck with a winch that pulled my little car up onto the truck bed. I now wish that Hufflepuff had taken pictures, but she was cold and worried we were disturbing the neighbors. I want to reassure them that we’re nice people. So we had the front yard dug up to turn off the water. So I got my car stuck in the driveway. Other than that we’re normal people! We promise! Nothing exciting ever happens to us.

And now to wind down, help Gryffindor finish her homework (she’s reading Night by Eli Weisel, definitely not bedtime reading), and go to sleep.