Church and house painting

eggnogLame title, but that’s what we did today. Yay!

Church went well – Hufflepuff went with us, and she got a fair amount of attention welcoming her back, plus she has a sprained wrist, so that got some attention, too. Thankfully she has a good answer (skiing) for what happened.

I didn’t have to teach today, which meant I was able to go to the other meetings, which is lovely. I often end up teaching for weeks and weeks in a row, but it’s nice to see the other adults on Sundays, too. I also like having a little more to think about. I do miss the kids in my class, though – we missed last Sunday due to migraine and snow, so I’ll be really happy to see them next week. I’m a little sad I missed teaching about Noah, but I’ll live. Ravenclaw came home with a nice bit of coloring she did of the animals from the ark.

purpleI was trying to talk to a few people after church, so that meant the girls got to hang out with their friends for a while. It was lovely. :) Even Hufflepuff had fun – her favorite baby & toddler were there.

After Church we went home for lunch and I went out with The Chosen One to finalize paint colors. Again. At this point we’ve looked at 8 colors for the bedroom. Thankfully we’ve chosen one! Woohoo!!! There is much rejoicing! The dining room and our bedroom will be the same dark blue.

Today’s painting went well. I did the edging in Hufflepuff’s room and helped her get started on a second coat while Gryffindor and Ravenclaw worked on taping their room. The Eggnog color in Hufflepuff’s room looked amazing with the second coat, and she did a wonderful job of doing most of the painting. Fabulous! The younger two have a different shade of purple on each wall. So we taped off 2 walls and did those, and tomorrow I’ll move the tape at the corners of the walls and do the other two walls. I did the edging there, too, and Ravenclaw did most of the painting. She did a great job! I was really impressed! She’s a little shorter than the rest of us, so I needed to do the top of the walls, but she did wonderfully on the parts she could reach.

painting swordsTomorrow I have a bunch of people coming to help, so that should be great. I’m going to have to see what we can delegate where. I’m really looking forward to getting as much of the house done as possible this week, though! It’s amazing how much better a room looks when it’s been freshly painted! It really brightens my soul and leaves me feeling wonderful. I’m impatient to get going on it!

By the end of our time at the house today the girls had gotten fed up. They were hungry and tired and deprived of chocolate (all I had for a snack was pretzels). Hufflepuff kept up Skyping her friends, but Ravenclaw and Gryffindor took the paint sticks and used them as swords to fight. I liked the look of them with their shadows against the yellow wall. That’s going to look so nice when it’s pale blue! *sigh*

I’m finding that I really like painting. I kinda want to take the week off for painting, but I can’t afford that. I’ve decided that I’ll take a few days off before the move and the Monday after the move off to finish getting things settled. All in all I’m glad I had last week off with the girls to relax, because the next 3 weeks are going to totally be crunch time.

Oh, and before I forget, I got rides for the older girls to see Imagine Dragons on Saturday. I had thought I had a ride for them with my friend L, but she and her son are going 5 days later. So, less helpful. I emailed the other moms from church who are going, and found the girls another ride. Phew! Somehow I thought the concert was on the 14th. Yeah, I was really off! I’m glad Hufflepuff said something to me yesterday!

It’s still winter

Snowy table

That’s the post for today’s #cy365, and that’s definitely part of today. It’s cold. It’s snowy. And the snow gets packed down and turns into ice. It’s pretty, like in the picture of the little table in the front yard, but it’s not always what I most want to deal with.

I woke up exhausted today. I’m going to write to the doctor tomorrow about the beta blockers, because this isn’t a great side effect. It makes it hard for me to get anything done at all. And I really need to get moving on packing and cleaning. And I’m even behind on baking! That never happens!

I did get to work, though, and got work things done. It was nice to actually have work to do at work. I really prefer that to having nothing to do. We had also dropped off thank you notes with Legal Seafood gift cards to my folks and my boss, and they were both very appreciative. It left me feeling really good, too, which is always nice.

After work I had to run to the grocery store and to Whole Foods. When I got home I had to lie down for a little bit, but I didn’t get much time to do that before I had to go get Ravenclaw from her play practice. Then we went and bought tickets for the Lego Movie at the theater across the street from our house.

Because I was exhausted much of the day (except for right now of course) I doctored frozen pizza for our dinner – added extra cheese and some toppings. Then Hufflepuff’s friend came over and we all went to the movies. The girls have been broken – they know to go to the regular store to get a drink (or bring seltzer from the SodaStream) and candy, then just buy popcorn at the theater. It so much cheaper.

The movie was in the “screening room”, which means there are chairs at conference tables. Very cushy chairs! It was nice. The movie was great, too. Lots of good messages, some good acting and great voice acting. And a song that is stuck in my head. I’m glad I hadn’t seen that it was a Will Farrell movie, as I don’t always love him. I had read nothing and had seen no trailers. I’m glad I went in cold – I loved the movie, but I might not have wanted to see it based on trailers and reviews. It’s not my typical movie. Now, the trailers before the movie were awesome – can’t wait to see The Muppets, Rio 2, and How to Train Your Dragon 2. Mr. Peabody is a movie I think I could wait until it’s out on DVD rather than seeing it in the theaters. The Muppet movie opens the day before my birthday, so that’s a lovely present! By then The Chosen One will be living with us so he can join us for movies. I missed him today when we were watching The Lego Movie. He would love it. I’ll have to go see it with him, too. :)

In other news after we dropped off Hufflepuff’s friend, she and I went to the new house to turn down the thermostats and check it out. The upstairs bathroom is now fully functional, but there are holes in the walls and we need to have more holes in the walls to get rid of mold from water leaking from the burst pipes. Yay. Ugh.

However… when I parked in the driveway I wasn’t paying attention to the fact that it’s snow packed on top of ice. And the car got stuck. I tried to get out, Hufflepuff tried to dig us out, nothing worked. So we called AAA. They came and towed us out. With huge flashy lights and a big truck with a winch that pulled my little car up onto the truck bed. I now wish that Hufflepuff had taken pictures, but she was cold and worried we were disturbing the neighbors. I want to reassure them that we’re nice people. So we had the front yard dug up to turn off the water. So I got my car stuck in the driveway. Other than that we’re normal people! We promise! Nothing exciting ever happens to us.

And now to wind down, help Gryffindor finish her homework (she’s reading Night by Eli Weisel, definitely not bedtime reading), and go to sleep.

Family Time

Today was a day filled with family time, the perfect way to spend a Sabbath day.

The younger two girls and I went to Church, and Hufflepuff went to her other church, too. When church was over The Chosen One picked Hufflepuff up, and we all met at my nephew’s birthday party. (Technically he’s the one of my step-cousin’s four kids, but nephew works as a quick explanation) My cousin’s boys are each a year younger than my kids, plus they have a 6 year old daughter.

The family parties my cousins have for their kids’ birthdays are always fun. The kids tend to get along really well, and usually there are a lot of adults. This time, though, my parents were in CT helping my brother and sister-in-law with their house, and my cousin-in-law’s parents were in Maine skiing. There were some awkward conversations with some adults, but overall it was fun. There were a lot of congratulations going around for our wedding last week, which was lovely. (The lovely ladies in Relief Society asked me about my wedding (and my last name) during church, too. I’m not changing my name, something important to know when you call people Brother or Sister last name!)

After the party we all met up at our house and then the four of us (minus Hufflepuff again) went to Home Depot to look at paint. Amazingly, Ravenclaw was so awesome about colors. She picked the perfect colors over and over again. It was amazing! She really knocked it out of the park! Gryffindor found a few things, too (like the perfect yellow for the mudroom). We need to bring the colors to the new house and really look at them in the sunlight in the house, but I think we’ve got the right colors. Finally! Now to get the ceilings back to normal after they fix the pipes. We also dragged the girls to look at vanities, toilets, and toilet seats. Big fun.

After picking colors we came back to the house. Gryffindor had homework, I needed some rest, and Ravenclaw worked on her pestering skills while Hufflepuff kicked everyone out of her room. It was lovely family bonding time. Especially when I accidentally fell asleep and almost slept through dinner. Whoops!

The Chosen One had gone back to the house to get some measurements, so he came by one last time before heading home. I can’t believe we’ve been married a week! Wow! It’ll be even better once we’re all in the same house! I do miss him a lot when I’m getting ready for bed, in a way I’ve never missed him before.

And now it’s time for bed again. My short nap earlier did nothing to make me not able to sleep tonight.

A Good Day

Today was actually really nice. Of course I’m having problems posting my update now, but everything was pretty good before that.

The Chosen One was in town today to check in with the plumbers, the town’s water department, and the Bad Plumber. The new boiler looks so pretty! And it looks like we might have heat and hot water this weekend! Squee!

Having The Chosen One in town meant that Hufflepuff didn’t have to walk for 15 minutes to pick up Ravenclaw, The Chosen One could just drive over and pick her up from play practice while I was at work. This was his first “dad duty” since we’ve been married.

It was very cool to walk in from work (Thursdays are the one day I work until 5pm) and see The Chosen One and the three girls waiting for me! It was great! Of course, the younger two were trying to beat each other senseless, but it was still nice to come home to my whole little family together.

The Chosen One and I had a lovely meal out after the younger two went with their dad, and the oldest was watching YouTube videos and grateful for take out.

Now to bed, and to post this in the morning.

Happy February!


Today both of my photo prompts wanted a self-portrait. So here I am in black & white.

We had a quiet day today. The Chosen One and I had a good morning (I slept in until after 9! Woot!), and then did our usual grocery shopping. I had a shortish list, which is always nice.

Then we went to Macy’s to look at furniture. The furniture we liked best online we didn’t like in person (of course). The furniture we loved in person is twice as expensive. Yay. We brought the measurements over to the new house, though, and found out that it’s 2 feet too long for the space, which stinks. And, after talking to my mom and Hufflepuff we’re seriously reconsidering it in general as it comes in white. We have to go to a couple other places to look (Jordan’s and Bernie & Phyl’s), but because of the frozen pipes we have more time than we thought we did.

I still love the white couch, though.

We stopped in the house to check out the pipes and one has started leaking a bit. We put a bucket under it and will check it out tomorrow.

Hufflepuff stayed over at my mom’s tonight (she has Coming of Age tomorrow morning at her church at 10, and we leave by 8:30 for our church). My brother and sister-in-law are coming today, and she’s excited to see them, too.

Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and I had a quiet evening of dinner and talking about favorite tv shows. They’ve been watching one called Fairy Tale, and I’m learning a lot about it. Most of what they talk about with animé goes over my head, though. I only know so much about My Little Pony, Pokémon, and Fairy Tale. Or even Totoro.

Tomorrow I have to teach at church, so I have to get that lesson ready (my co-teacher was supposed to teach, but she’s adopting a little boy, so she’s busy this weekend. I think I’m at 4 weeks in a row now). Thank goodness so much is online now. I love Primary helpers!

I’d love to get to sleep before my bedtime today. I’m feeling really worn out. And tomorrow is Fast Sunday and a big day.

A Return to Sushi-Making Dinners

Sushi dinnerToday I used the same picture for my two photo prompts. The prompts were “Return” and “Dinner”. This photo marks my return to sushi-making as a viable dinner option as well as marking our dinner tonight.

The rest of the day wasn’t anywhere near as interesting as the sushi. I had work, my headache peaked to an 8 right as work was finishing. Yay. I took “rescue meds” and drove home. I got a nice little break when it was just me and a quiet, sick Hufflepuff in the house, and then I drove over to pick up Gryffindor. She doesn’t expect to be picked up, which makes me all the more willing to pick her up. (Ravenclaw was going to a friend’s house, so I didn’t have to pick her up)

The rest of the afternoon went swimmingly. Gryffindor actually did all of her homework before she had to leave for her church activity! Woot! Ravenclaw was late coming home from her friend’s house, so she wasn’t able to finish before leaving, but as she tends to have a lot less homework than Gryffindor, I’m not very concerned.

While they were gone I got to have a very nice, long chat with my sister-in-law. It was lovely! I miss her – she and my brother live just outside of NYC in their new-to-them house in Connecticut. I’m hoping to visit them soon, but moving into our new house is going to have to take precedence. :( I’ll ask for pics the next time my folks visit, though. I only know how the house looked before.

The Chosen One and I are still looking for HP readings for the wedding. I came up with a few that he didn’t love, so now we’re searching again.

I did make a nice batch of rice pudding tonight, in addition to the sushi, and it’s warming me up as I feel worn out and headachy. Just plain rice pudding with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar. Yum.

Here’s hoping tomorrow has a lower headache rating than today, and that Hufflepuff’s fever has broken so she can go to school tomorrow. Oh, and that The Chosen One’s cold goes all the way away. And that we can get heat in the new house soonest.

It all went uphill from there

Today didn’t have an auspicious start, but it got better. Ravenclaw awoke with a fever and feeling sick, and I woke up to a headache that rated a 7 on a 1-10 scale. I tried the new “rescue med” for when the headache “peaks” (as opposed to the low grade headache that ‘s always there), and had some side effects. Basically, you feel like crap for an hour, but then the headache gets much better.

Hufflepuff had 2 exams today, and she felt good about both. Well, photography’s exam was just printing photos, but her other exam went well. She has 2 more on Monday, and then she’s done with midterms.

ArielGryffindor had play practice today, and then her first performance was tonight. I wish I had been there to see her! I’ll be there tomorrow night, at her first performance where she has lines. The play is double cast, so she is in the chorus for 2 performances and in the speaking cast for 2 performances. She’ll have a good audience for her two shows with lines!

Gryffindor’s lunch today included a painted Ariel on cheese and some fishes and musical notes. It was a pretty cool bento box lunch, if I do say so myself. A perfect lunch to cheer her on in her Little Mermaid performance.

I was able to go to the grocery store alone today, which is always nice. I also came home to Hufflepuff’s friend P helping to clean and pack our living room. She asked if it was ok, um, yes! Feel free! She’s willing to help clean and pack in exchange for baked goods. Sounds good to me!

I was planning to go to the Temple, which didn’t work out, but we’ll go next week. I’m very much looking forward to it. This week is possibly the last one staying at the apartment of The Chosen One. Soon we’ll all be in the same town, and then in the same house! Squee!

Finally, I’ve found 2 of the 3 readings I’d like to do at the wedding – Hufflepuff reading Shakespeare’s 116th sonnet, Gryffindor reading Harry Potter (haven’t found that quote yet) and Ravenclaw reading 1st Corinthians 13, but not the King James version. In other versions the word Love is used in place of Charity. I just like the sentiment of the reading.

And now sleep – an hour earlier than usual! Yay!

A Peaceful Sunday

Today was a good Sunday. Everyone went to Church, and everyone left in a good mood (even if they were hungry and tired).  That is my definition of a good Sunday! I really enjoyed church, too. There were good talks, a good lesson I taught with the good class (my core group of 4 were all there), and a fun Sharing time and Singing time. It was all good. I really do love my class! Next Sunday we’ve been invited to a lunch with the parents of one of my students as a thank you. The older child is Gryffindor’s BFF and my student is friends with Ravenclaw. And Hufflepuff won’t be with us, so she won’t feel left out.

kale smoothieOnce we got home it was time for Veggie Tales, hot dogs, and gf Mac & Cheese from Trader Joe’s. Then I got to take a short nap while Veggie Tales parented for a little while.

My prompts today were for abandoned (I took a picture of our Christmas tree) and breakfast. My breakfast was a kale smoothie, and I think the picture was really cool. I like the bubbles and the green.

SushisFor dinner, though, I made sushi. I had some free time while Hufflepuff was studying Chemistry with some of the other girls in her class, so I worked on it. The Chosen One had given me a sushi kit, and I finally had enough time to work on it. Sunday afternoons are the best! The first sushi roll didn’t go well, to put it mildly. But, after the first one, it came right back to me like riding a bike. :) I hadn’t made sushi in probably 6 or 7 years, but the muscle memory was there.

I had forgotten to buy shrimp, so I made all vegetable sushi. Some avocado and cucumber, some just cucumber, some cucumber & carrot, and some cucumber, carrot, and avocado. (Ravenclaw isn’t a huge avocado fan, so had to make some without avocado for her). Next time I’ll make the shrimp California rolls. Oh, and next time I’ll make sure I have gluten-free soy sauce!

Hufflepuff had a meeting for the JCs of Girls’ Camp, and I drove her and 2 other girls out there. I’ve volunteered to help in the kitchen this summer, so I’ll finally see some of all the stuff the girls love! As much as I love Children’s Island, I’m also wishing I could’ve gone to Girls’ Camp! Hufflepuff looks forward to shooting guns at targets, and the only way she can do that is at Girls’ Camp. She’s not likely to go target shooting around here – we’re pretty anti-gun.

Tomorrow is Aquarium Day! And then Tuesday is the walk-through for the house, Wednesday is the closing, and Thursday is the headache specialist. Big week!

Today was better

CIToday was lovely, relaxing, and fun. Well, The Chosen One might not think I was much fun, but the girls and I are having fun.

I woke up at The Chosen One’s house this morning actually feeling somewhat rested. I was a little groggy, but pushed through it and actually got all my shopping errands done without much problem. I enjoyed our routine.

We also spent time looking at paint colors, bookcases, and other house-stuff. I’m enjoying this planning time! It’s really cool that The Chosen One has a 3D rendering of the house, so we can see different paint colors on the 3D walls and see how the rooms look together before we’re in the house. It’ll be nice to finally have the keys to the house, but for the next few days it’s nice to have planning time. We have the walk-through on Tuesday evening and closing on Wednesday, with my headache doctor appointment on Thursday. It’s a busy week! (Somewhere in there we need the plumber to put in a new boiler so we can have heat. It’s going to be cold this week, too.)

Happy PlaceOne of today’s prompts was “happy place”.  The other was “pose”.  I have several happy places, but the one I’d choose would be Children’s Island, the camp the girls have attended. Above are the younger two girls standing on one of the rocks on the Island.

However, as I can’t go out there in the winter, I thought about the Happy Places in my heart. I took the picture at the left on the train home. In that picture is The Chosen One, my girls, my memories of 3 family vacations, and joy. The purse was bought for me by The Chosen One on our last trip to Cape Cod. The engagement ring was given to me after the proposal on our trip to Orlando. The candies remind me of family trips to the UK when I was a kid. All those memories packed into a small picture!

PoseThe other prompt for today was “pose.” Unfortunately, I didn’t see the girls until dinner time, so the older two weren’t in the mood to pose. Ravenclaw, though, will always pose! Isn’t she cute? She and Gryffindor had gotten into a snowball fight before coming to the house, and she had gotten so wet that she needed to change into her jammies.

We’ve had a nice dinner of sketti and sausages (and tofu for Gryffindor the vegetarian), and now we’re watching Our Neighbor Totoro together. Hufflepuff usually leaves when we start watching a family movie, but because this is her favorite movie, she’s willing to watch a movie with us.

We also got some rain today, which then turned into snow. It was fun to watch and beautiful to see the white coating, but unfortunately I hadn’t brought a hat, gloves, or boots. I was a bit damp when I got into the car after walking from the train!

Tomorrow will be church, and Hufflepuff is coming with us. I really love it when the whole family is together!

Friday night’s alright

photo-10Today Gryffindor and I submitted her final private school application. She was asked to write an essay about a place that has had an impact on her. She ended up writing 2 pages on Children’s Island, the camp where she and I both attended. Hufflepuff went for a few years, then got tired of it. Ravenclaw has been there for 3 years, but Gryffindor has been there for 8 years and I was there for 10. The pic at right is the picture she submitted with her application. It shows her obsessions without looking overly crazy.

Unfortunately, my site has been up and down as my server has to redo the RAID array, server, and router. They are taking everything down tonight, and tomorrow should be fine. Thank goodness.

I’m really proud of the lunches I made yesterday. Totoro, especially, was really cool. I’m glad the post finally went through! Hufflepuff really enjoyed showing off my creation. :)

I’m now on the train to go to The Chosen One’s house. This is probably one of the last times I’ll be doing this, and there’s a mixture of sadness and joy. I’ll be nostalgic, but it’s nice to not have to do the commute every week.

I’m still feeling a little blah. I’m looking forward to quiet and downtime for tonight and tomorrow before returning to the crazy of my own house.

Monday is MLK day and we’re straying from our 3 year tradition of MFA on MLK and going to the carousel and the aquarium again in the hopes of visiting on a day that isn’t as crazy as it was during Winter Vacation. If it was warmer I’d say we should go to the zoo, but the weather is so changeable in January in New England that it’s best to go somewhere indoors.