The apathy is strong in this one

I didn’t want to get up this morning. At all. I felt horrible. But, I was teaching, so I got up anyhow. It was fine. Except that I dozed off in Sacrament meeting and then again in Primary. Yeesh.

We were supposed to go to two church meetings tonight, but I was too tired. It really wasn’t safe for me to drive into Boston when I am that tired.

I did meet the people to take away the loft bed and the table, so there was success there.

Otherwise I took meds and slept for much of the day. I felt wretched and couldn’t motivate myself.

After 4 I felt a little better and we were able to move some furniture upstairs. I’m hoping to put some of my clothes into the dresser tomorrow. That would be useful. Much better than in piles in boxes.

Ravenclaw and Gryffindor got a lot of their stuff put away and boxes emptied, too, which is very good. They wasted a fair amount of the day watching TV, but that was when I was feeling horrible, so I can’t really complain.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is a better day! Blerg.

On the plus side, even crummy days are better now. The Chosen One was an adult in charge when I was passed out. It was really helpful to know I didn’t have to worry.

Tip for the day – regular gluten-free Annie’s mac & cheese is yummy. The instant microwavable type, tho? NASTY.

Sunday Sunday Sunday

I moved my closet today. And I managed to move over one of the little benches that will sit in front of the windows in the mudroom. It looks good there.

We got some packing done, but I had a lot of laundry and other stuff to get done. Tomorrow I’ll be scraping paint off the floor (yay) after I drop the girls at school. And then back to more packing.

It was nice to go to church today and have some of the menfolk tell me they were looking forward to helping me move next weekend. I’m so grateful. And two people offered to help me pack. It’s crazy.

It was also nice to go to church because I wasn’t teaching, so I could just listen to the lessons. Plus I managed to talk to my co-teacher and swap lessons with her so I don’t teach next week right after moving. I already have to go to Ravenclaw’s play on Saturday evening, I don’t want to have to prep for teaching, too.

This is going to be a long week. But, at least I have a bed. The Chosen One is staying at the house without his mattress, and the aerobed leaks, so he has nothing. :( I’m hoping we can get his mattress over there soon. Or something.

I do love having him in town, though! :) It’s nice to see him. Can’t wait to actually live together! :)

Now I’m exhausted, and the website is having problems, so I’ll have to post this tomorrow. I wanted to type it tonight, though, so I don’t lose my momentum of writing every day.

Headache, the return

saladToday marked the return of a day with really bad peaks. I had some peaks yesterday, but not as bad as today. I had gotten through an entire week of constant work on the house without a problem, and then today I woke up feeling horrible.

Probably picking up the older girls at 1:30am didn’t help. Ugh. They had a blast, though, and I’m glad they were able to have such a great first concert experience.

I took a picture last night of Ravenclaw with her salad, and forgot to put it in the post, so here it is. She scarfed it down. I was hoping to get some, but no luck. Bah. :) I’m happy she liked it, though. She didn’t have any interest in the puny steak on the children’s menu, though, she needed a real one. I need to remember that. She did have some leftovers, and that made a great lunch today.

It was hard to get up this morning for church, but I knew I was giving a prayer during sacrament meeting, plus I was teaching, so we had to go. Hufflepuff stayed home, but Gryffindor and Ravenclaw and I managed to get there. Yay us!

balloonsSomeone got married the day before, so there were a bunch of balloons in the gym, and the kids were running around with them after church. Due to me feeling puny we left right after church, though. With 4 balloons that were tied together.

I made lunch then thought I would read for a few minutes, and fell asleep for a few hours. I got up and coherent in time to drive Hufflepuff to a dinner for the coming of age program at the UU church. We gave one kid a ride there and two kids rides home.

While they were at dinner I made cheese enchiladas for the girls at home, which were scarfed down. Yum. Then Gryffindor finished her homework, and we were productive while I felt crummy. I had to take two sets of rescue meds.

I’m in pain again now, and I’m fading very quickly, so I’m going to go to sleep again. More tomorrow.

By the way, yesterday and today combined I drove 125 miles according to my tripometer. Wow. That’s more than I want to drive in 36 hours, thanks.

A Painting we will go


So, today was all about painting. It was really hard to wake up this morning after a week’s vacation! The girls and I really just wanted to stay in bed, but we did get up and everyone got to school and work early. After work ran quickly to Whole Foods for milk, and then to the new house right away. T, my Visiting Teacher from Church came over, and she helped me tape the mudroom.

After she left I started painting. I primed the ceiling and the walls that were just drywall. When that was done, I started in on the mudroom, changing it from a greeny-yellow to a pretty sky blue. When I had gotten part way into it, my friend SB came over with her daughter ML. They started in on the library, taping and painting. It was amazing how quickly the paint went up and how good it looked so quickly! The natural lighting in the library sucks in the evening, so the picture really doesn’t do it justice.


The picture also makes it look like the original color is white – it’s not, it’s a yellow that really didn’t go with what we wanted for the house. I’ll have to take pictures of the finished rooms tomorrow.

Hufflepuff and Gryffindor came straight home after school. Hufflepuff’s wrist was still hurting, so she got a day off from painting. Gryffindor had homework, so she was given a pass, too. Ravenclaw didn’t finish her play practice until 5:30, so I left S and her daughter at the house when I ran over to get Ravenclaw and pick up a light. The light really made a ton of difference in being able to get a good read on how well the paint was covering the walls.

ML and Ravenclaw worked for a little while before ML’s dad showed up. After a tour he dropped Ravenclaw off with her sisters at the old house and took ML home for dinner and bed. I had left my kids with chili in the crock pot, so they ate while I obsessively painted for 7 hours.

kitchen wallAround 6 my friend M showed up, and she was soon followed by my friend SBK. They got started on the kitchen. It’s amazing how fast 4 people can change 3 rooms! We really made a huge, huge difference in the house.

It looks like the kitchen will need a quick second coat, and the mudroom as well. But, having already taped the room it’ll go quickly. SB did two coats on the library, so it’s looking amazing. My hands are currently coated in paint from 3 rooms, as I worked on all three.

Tomorrow I want to paint the two ceilings after work. I have to take a few teens to the Temple tomorrow night, so I can’t paint for 7 hours again, but I can get in an hour or two after work and before it’s time to make dinner and leave.

Hufflepuff’s room is fabulous, but her sisters’ room still needs some work. I need to do touch-ups in a few places on the two walls we finished, then I need to re-tape and paint the other two walls. That should be a pretty quick job, so it’s possible that Ravenclaw and I will get it done after school tomorrow. I have asked her to walk to the new house after school, and I’m waiting to see if that happens or not. If her friend Z is walking home, that’s perfect, as Z lives two houses down from us. But, if Z isn’t walking, then she’s nervous to walk alone, which I understand. It’s still a new routine and a new house, so it’ll take some time for her to get used to it.

Tonight I’m feeling tired (duh) and feeling incredibly blessed that I have friends who can paint and love to hang out, chat, sing along to songs, be silly, and paint together. And I feel a bit embarrassed that a 10 year old can out-paint me. Seriously, ML is fabulous. She has great roller skills and she’s painted a lot more than I have. Oh, and she never gets any paint on herself. It’s almost freaky. At first I was thinking it was ok that she was painting because it was a first coat, and we knew it would need a second coat. And then I saw her paint. Yeah, she showed me up.

Wednesday we’re having another painting party, and I’m hoping to get the dining room and the living room done. If we can do that, I’ll be totally psyched. Hufflepuff is going to help me on Thursday night, and if I haven’t finished her sisters’ room by then she can help me finish that. That will just leave the master bedroom for me to do. The upstairs bathroom and the hallway are another problem. I’m thinking we should use leftover paint for them (Hufflepuff’s room color for the hallway, & either the mudroom or kitchen for the bathroom), but I don’t know what The Chosen One thinks.

The Chosen One is going to be so impressed (I hope!) tomorrow when he comes to the house! We’ve made huge strides in a short amount of time. Unfortunately he’ll see the flaws, too – he’s the first one to see tonight’s painting in daylight, so I hope he remembers that we can touch up/do another coat if it’s not perfect. He’s going to talk basement windows with the contractor, and then later this week we’ll have an electrician coming in, the plumbers will be installing the new toilets, and the roofers will be coming soon. Whew! Busy week! Oh, and we need to get a new vanity for the downstairs bathroom, too.

Church and house painting

eggnogLame title, but that’s what we did today. Yay!

Church went well – Hufflepuff went with us, and she got a fair amount of attention welcoming her back, plus she has a sprained wrist, so that got some attention, too. Thankfully she has a good answer (skiing) for what happened.

I didn’t have to teach today, which meant I was able to go to the other meetings, which is lovely. I often end up teaching for weeks and weeks in a row, but it’s nice to see the other adults on Sundays, too. I also like having a little more to think about. I do miss the kids in my class, though – we missed last Sunday due to migraine and snow, so I’ll be really happy to see them next week. I’m a little sad I missed teaching about Noah, but I’ll live. Ravenclaw came home with a nice bit of coloring she did of the animals from the ark.

purpleI was trying to talk to a few people after church, so that meant the girls got to hang out with their friends for a while. It was lovely. :) Even Hufflepuff had fun – her favorite baby & toddler were there.

After Church we went home for lunch and I went out with The Chosen One to finalize paint colors. Again. At this point we’ve looked at 8 colors for the bedroom. Thankfully we’ve chosen one! Woohoo!!! There is much rejoicing! The dining room and our bedroom will be the same dark blue.

Today’s painting went well. I did the edging in Hufflepuff’s room and helped her get started on a second coat while Gryffindor and Ravenclaw worked on taping their room. The Eggnog color in Hufflepuff’s room looked amazing with the second coat, and she did a wonderful job of doing most of the painting. Fabulous! The younger two have a different shade of purple on each wall. So we taped off 2 walls and did those, and tomorrow I’ll move the tape at the corners of the walls and do the other two walls. I did the edging there, too, and Ravenclaw did most of the painting. She did a great job! I was really impressed! She’s a little shorter than the rest of us, so I needed to do the top of the walls, but she did wonderfully on the parts she could reach.

painting swordsTomorrow I have a bunch of people coming to help, so that should be great. I’m going to have to see what we can delegate where. I’m really looking forward to getting as much of the house done as possible this week, though! It’s amazing how much better a room looks when it’s been freshly painted! It really brightens my soul and leaves me feeling wonderful. I’m impatient to get going on it!

By the end of our time at the house today the girls had gotten fed up. They were hungry and tired and deprived of chocolate (all I had for a snack was pretzels). Hufflepuff kept up Skyping her friends, but Ravenclaw and Gryffindor took the paint sticks and used them as swords to fight. I liked the look of them with their shadows against the yellow wall. That’s going to look so nice when it’s pale blue! *sigh*

I’m finding that I really like painting. I kinda want to take the week off for painting, but I can’t afford that. I’ve decided that I’ll take a few days off before the move and the Monday after the move off to finish getting things settled. All in all I’m glad I had last week off with the girls to relax, because the next 3 weeks are going to totally be crunch time.

Oh, and before I forget, I got rides for the older girls to see Imagine Dragons on Saturday. I had thought I had a ride for them with my friend L, but she and her son are going 5 days later. So, less helpful. I emailed the other moms from church who are going, and found the girls another ride. Phew! Somehow I thought the concert was on the 14th. Yeah, I was really off! I’m glad Hufflepuff said something to me yesterday!

Young Women and Valentine’s Day

photo 3So, today was busy. As evidenced by the publishing time on this post.

I didn’t wake up exhausted! Woot! We’ll see how tomorrow goes, but it was a good start to the day. Work went fine, I got to the store afterwards with plenty of time to pick up Ravenclaw after school. She had a friend come over, and they played Minecraft on my iPad with Gryffindor on her own iPad. I don’t understand how Gryffindor burned down Ravenclaw’s house, but that became a big brouhaha.

All I wanted during that after school time was a little rest for a half hour. That didn’t really happen. Whoops.

I did get everyone to have Taco Tuesday after Ravenclaw’s friend left, and then we went off to the church.

photo 2

The activity for the older two today was New Beginnings, where they welcome the upcoming Young Women (girls turning 12 in 2014) into the program. This time they did a “Values Mall”, someone had a faux shop that linked to a YW value (there are 8). Each of the 8 people presented material well, kept the kids engaged, and gave them swag. They came home with bags filled with loot. It was really cool. The kids got really excited for this, and I’m in awe of the folks who organized it. So much effort put into it! Wow.

The sugar scrub at right was a big hit here. Gryffindor got all excited to use it in her shower tonight, and when it was Ravenclaw’s turn to shower Gryffindor yelled at her not to use her sugar scrub. So cute! (and this was my “Retail Therapy” prompt for #cy365). Meanwhile Ravenclaw made valentine cookies and decorated them in her group. Her cookies came out really cute!

LuvdiscAfter we got home I had to create lunches and write a fancy blog post. This is my first time being a part of a blog hop, so I really wanted the lunches to be good. I had used a lot of my good ideas already, but I did get two good lunches created and posted. Gryffindor’s lunch is Luvdisc, a Pokémon character.

Tomorrow Gryffindor is shadowing a student at the private school she really wants to attend. We’ll see how that goes. She’s so introverted that I worry. Also, she’s supposed to have a two day shadow, but Thursday we are allegedly getting a snowstorm, which will put a kink in that plan.

Now for me to sleep. We need to get up early so I can get Gryffindor to the private school – I’m dropping Ravenclaw off with my folks, and Hufflepuff will just get to school really early, which is fine by her.

Family Time

Today was a day filled with family time, the perfect way to spend a Sabbath day.

The younger two girls and I went to Church, and Hufflepuff went to her other church, too. When church was over The Chosen One picked Hufflepuff up, and we all met at my nephew’s birthday party. (Technically he’s the one of my step-cousin’s four kids, but nephew works as a quick explanation) My cousin’s boys are each a year younger than my kids, plus they have a 6 year old daughter.

The family parties my cousins have for their kids’ birthdays are always fun. The kids tend to get along really well, and usually there are a lot of adults. This time, though, my parents were in CT helping my brother and sister-in-law with their house, and my cousin-in-law’s parents were in Maine skiing. There were some awkward conversations with some adults, but overall it was fun. There were a lot of congratulations going around for our wedding last week, which was lovely. (The lovely ladies in Relief Society asked me about my wedding (and my last name) during church, too. I’m not changing my name, something important to know when you call people Brother or Sister last name!)

After the party we all met up at our house and then the four of us (minus Hufflepuff again) went to Home Depot to look at paint. Amazingly, Ravenclaw was so awesome about colors. She picked the perfect colors over and over again. It was amazing! She really knocked it out of the park! Gryffindor found a few things, too (like the perfect yellow for the mudroom). We need to bring the colors to the new house and really look at them in the sunlight in the house, but I think we’ve got the right colors. Finally! Now to get the ceilings back to normal after they fix the pipes. We also dragged the girls to look at vanities, toilets, and toilet seats. Big fun.

After picking colors we came back to the house. Gryffindor had homework, I needed some rest, and Ravenclaw worked on her pestering skills while Hufflepuff kicked everyone out of her room. It was lovely family bonding time. Especially when I accidentally fell asleep and almost slept through dinner. Whoops!

The Chosen One had gone back to the house to get some measurements, so he came by one last time before heading home. I can’t believe we’ve been married a week! Wow! It’ll be even better once we’re all in the same house! I do miss him a lot when I’m getting ready for bed, in a way I’ve never missed him before.

And now it’s time for bed again. My short nap earlier did nothing to make me not able to sleep tonight.

Happy February!


Today both of my photo prompts wanted a self-portrait. So here I am in black & white.

We had a quiet day today. The Chosen One and I had a good morning (I slept in until after 9! Woot!), and then did our usual grocery shopping. I had a shortish list, which is always nice.

Then we went to Macy’s to look at furniture. The furniture we liked best online we didn’t like in person (of course). The furniture we loved in person is twice as expensive. Yay. We brought the measurements over to the new house, though, and found out that it’s 2 feet too long for the space, which stinks. And, after talking to my mom and Hufflepuff we’re seriously reconsidering it in general as it comes in white. We have to go to a couple other places to look (Jordan’s and Bernie & Phyl’s), but because of the frozen pipes we have more time than we thought we did.

I still love the white couch, though.

We stopped in the house to check out the pipes and one has started leaking a bit. We put a bucket under it and will check it out tomorrow.

Hufflepuff stayed over at my mom’s tonight (she has Coming of Age tomorrow morning at her church at 10, and we leave by 8:30 for our church). My brother and sister-in-law are coming today, and she’s excited to see them, too.

Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and I had a quiet evening of dinner and talking about favorite tv shows. They’ve been watching one called Fairy Tale, and I’m learning a lot about it. Most of what they talk about with animé goes over my head, though. I only know so much about My Little Pony, Pokémon, and Fairy Tale. Or even Totoro.

Tomorrow I have to teach at church, so I have to get that lesson ready (my co-teacher was supposed to teach, but she’s adopting a little boy, so she’s busy this weekend. I think I’m at 4 weeks in a row now). Thank goodness so much is online now. I love Primary helpers!

I’d love to get to sleep before my bedtime today. I’m feeling really worn out. And tomorrow is Fast Sunday and a big day.

Capturing my 365

CaringI haven’t taken many photos today, and most of the photos I took yesterday were blurry ones of Gryffindor’s performance, so I’m inserting my #cy365 photos into the post, despite them not really being relevant to much of my day. Yesterday’s was “Caring”, which I showed by petting our cat on top of a quilt made by my grandmother. Today’s prompt was “Vivid”, which was captured by taking a pic of some of the colors we’re considering for the house.

If you’re reading this and you’re LDS, you need to watch this video: General Authorities eat a Reese’s Cup.  One of the speakers today used this parody to open his talk, and it grabbed everyone’s attention. Especially my kids, who are seriously motivated by chocolate! :) I just watched the video, and the impressions are spot on. He did a few more, and it was perfect. Loved it! So perfectly captured the tone of these leaders.

Last night my friend S called to say that she and her husband were sick, and could I please take her daughter, ML, to church with us. I was so happy to say yes! S and her husband have done so many things for us, it was great to be able to help them! Plus, ML and Ravenclaw are BFFs, and we haven’t gotten them together much lately, so that was good. I offered to take her for the afternoon, too, so the two girls could hang out. As a bonus, it would keep Ravenclaw busy while I ran some boxes over to the new house.

My original plan was to have Hufflepuff help me move things over to the new house while Ravenclaw & ML played and Gryffindor was in her school play. That plan kinda fell apart. I got one load of my little car (4 tubs, 3 cardboard boxes) over to the house and got a basement window somewhat duct taped, but I didn’t get much more done. Why? Well…

VividIt’s really cold in a house with no heat in January in New England. My poor toes were frozen. My 7 year old Emus (Ugg knockoffs) finally gave out on me, and I didn’t have warm shoes on. Plus, Hufflepuff was sick, so she couldn’t help. Like actually stuck in bed with a cough and lost voice sick. She ended up vomiting later in the evening. Yay. I ended up taking a nap rather than making another really cold run. I’m hoping to make another run tomorrow, though.

Ravenclaw and I dropped ML off after her parents had a good 9 hours of sleeping/feeling crummy. I felt like I was really helpful for the first time in a while. Of course, now I worry that ML will catch whatever Hufflepuff has, but they weren’t even on the same floor, much less in the same room. She also wasn’t interacting with Gryffindor, who ended up spiking a fever after her play.

Gryffindor had texted me that the play was over and she was at the cast party and they were eating pizza and cake, and could she come home? Of course! It sucks to watch people eat some of your favorite foods and not be able to eat it because of being gluten-free! :( I ended up making pizzas for the family tonight (though Hufflepuff didn’t eat any) to help Gryffindor feel better after the cast party.

So, I’m surrounded by sick people. Ravenclaw is getting better, both older girls can’t go to school tomorrow, and The Chosen One was sick all weekend. Awesome. My headache was even manageable this weekend. I’m feeling pretty lucky. I don’t have time to be sick, but that doesn’t usually mean I won’t get sick. Oh, and the girls’ father was sick this weekend, too. He ended up not being able to go to the play, which really upset Gryffindor. :( Thankfully my parents were able to go, so she wasn’t performing without family in the audience.

Tonight is an early-to-bed night for everyone, including me, and then tomorrow is back to work, with Ravenclaw returning to school while the other two lay around feeling crummy.

A Peaceful Sunday

Today was a good Sunday. Everyone went to Church, and everyone left in a good mood (even if they were hungry and tired).  That is my definition of a good Sunday! I really enjoyed church, too. There were good talks, a good lesson I taught with the good class (my core group of 4 were all there), and a fun Sharing time and Singing time. It was all good. I really do love my class! Next Sunday we’ve been invited to a lunch with the parents of one of my students as a thank you. The older child is Gryffindor’s BFF and my student is friends with Ravenclaw. And Hufflepuff won’t be with us, so she won’t feel left out.

kale smoothieOnce we got home it was time for Veggie Tales, hot dogs, and gf Mac & Cheese from Trader Joe’s. Then I got to take a short nap while Veggie Tales parented for a little while.

My prompts today were for abandoned (I took a picture of our Christmas tree) and breakfast. My breakfast was a kale smoothie, and I think the picture was really cool. I like the bubbles and the green.

SushisFor dinner, though, I made sushi. I had some free time while Hufflepuff was studying Chemistry with some of the other girls in her class, so I worked on it. The Chosen One had given me a sushi kit, and I finally had enough time to work on it. Sunday afternoons are the best! The first sushi roll didn’t go well, to put it mildly. But, after the first one, it came right back to me like riding a bike. :) I hadn’t made sushi in probably 6 or 7 years, but the muscle memory was there.

I had forgotten to buy shrimp, so I made all vegetable sushi. Some avocado and cucumber, some just cucumber, some cucumber & carrot, and some cucumber, carrot, and avocado. (Ravenclaw isn’t a huge avocado fan, so had to make some without avocado for her). Next time I’ll make the shrimp California rolls. Oh, and next time I’ll make sure I have gluten-free soy sauce!

Hufflepuff had a meeting for the JCs of Girls’ Camp, and I drove her and 2 other girls out there. I’ve volunteered to help in the kitchen this summer, so I’ll finally see some of all the stuff the girls love! As much as I love Children’s Island, I’m also wishing I could’ve gone to Girls’ Camp! Hufflepuff looks forward to shooting guns at targets, and the only way she can do that is at Girls’ Camp. She’s not likely to go target shooting around here – we’re pretty anti-gun.

Tomorrow is Aquarium Day! And then Tuesday is the walk-through for the house, Wednesday is the closing, and Thursday is the headache specialist. Big week!