Sometimes I need to see the Temple

I was in a grouchy and apathetic mood for most of the week. Bah. My migraine kept acting up. I was very tempted to not go to the Temple, and instead stay home and go to bed early. I’m glad I fought that feeling! Even though we were amazed at how long it took us to finish at the Temple!

After work and school we relaxed a bit, then I got ready for the Temple as The Chosen One got ready to go pack up some stuff at his house. Hufflepuff was home Skyping, and the younger 2 were watching TV. I left them there with a phone for when their dad called to say he was almost there.

I got to SB’s house at 4:45. We got to M’s work at 5. The Temple is about 40 minutes from her work. We got there at 6:20. We did the 5 Initiatories I had printed out, and then we went to the 7pm Endowment session. Each of us did a name we had just done the Initiatory for, which is always fun.

The 7pm session started at 7:20 because a young woman was going through for her mission, and getting her ready had run late. Then we had to pause the session because a man had a nosebleed. And then we got separated and it took SB forever to get to the Celestial Room. And then we had to wait to get our family name cards. As we were waiting an alarm started going off. At that point it was 9:45. I finally got home about 10:45. Phew!

Sweetest thing ever – coming home to find The Chosen One had fallen asleep watching Frozen. Awww! I woke him up so he wouldn’t sleep on the couch, though.

It was amazing how my mood changed by going to the Temple. I was incredibly grouchy, and then the grouchiness was gone. Everything is awesome!