That was an improvement

Today was better than yesterday.

Admittedly, that wasn’t a hard feat to achieve.

We got the kids to school early, so that went well. The Chosen One got me to the tire place just after it opened, but the traffic was such that he left from there to work. Ugh! The traffic must’ve sucked. And he was away from home for 13 hours! :(

My migraine kicked up a fuss about the smell at the tire place, but they were awesome, my tire got changed, and I’m happy. I have to find a local junkyard to get a donut/rim for a replacement spare, but that shouldn’t be too hard.

After work I got to Staples and Whole Foods before picking up kids. Shopping without them is much easier. We now have a station with pens & pencils & what-not on the breakfast bar for homework, so no more searching for a pencil. And I knew I was tired so I got easy food for dinner.

Ravenclaw had a friend over, and I got to show the mom around the house. :) It was nice to show off!

After the friend left we ran errands – we needed to go to Christmas Tree Shops to get curtains for the younger girls’ room and curtain rods for both girls’ bedrooms, plus some things here and there. It went really well.

I also got all my clothes put away! Woot! I feel so much better now. I got the coats hung up in the wardrobe, too, which also helps.

Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day, but it’s also Pinkie Pie day/Balloon Day in MLP world, and that’s what I focused on for lunches. I’m not feeling up to tricks/pranks this time.

And now to sleep so I can pretend to be a morning person again tomorrow. Yay.