Better than expected

I’m not a big fan of Thursdays. I have to work a full day, find someone to pick up at least 1 kid, ideally 2, try to get kids to do homework at home alone, get home quickly, interact with kids before their dad gets them at 5:30-6, eat something myself, then do all my usual after-work stuff with only a couple hours to do it in. Ugh.

Tonight we also had to go to a concert for Ravenclaw. She plays the flute. It was an all-band concert, with kids from 4th grade (Ravenclaw and her friends) through high school. Yay.

I’m not a good band mom. I’m a much worse orchestra mom – I actively despised orchestra concerts. I was so happy when the older girls switched to chorus from band. So happy. Anyhow, I wasn’t looking forward to this concert because I’ve seen many bad concerts over the past 5 years of my kids being in public school.

I have to admit, though, that Ravenclaw and her friends did a very good job. The concert was much better than expected. It was also longer than expected. Because Ravenclaw was there with her dad (and Gryffindor), Hufflepuff and I left before it was over. My headache acted up. No, really, it did.

We saw the 4th grade band perform 3 songs, 2 of which were rounds. And then they got off the stage while the 5th and 6th grade bands came onstage. We saw them perform a total of 3 songs, and then they left and the middle school band came up. We watched them perform (one really, really good song, one mediocre song), and then we left before the high school played 4 songs.

Ravenclaw asked for chocolate rather than flowers as a concert gift, so we obliged with a Toblerone. She was quite happy.

I’m still getting used to seeing The Chosen One every day. I really like it. It’s fun to welcome him home! :) I’m looking forward to the weekend, though! Tomorrow is Friday! Woohoo!