Not as tired

It’s possibly not a good sign about the past week, but today felt like a good day because I didn’t accidentally fall asleep at any point during the day. It was nice to not feel exhausted throughout the day at least.

Today’s conversation on the way to school started out with a conversation about Dame Maggie Smith and how she was fighting breast cancer during Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and resting in a muggle wheelchair. The rest of the conversation devolved from there into questions about what a wizarding wheelchair would look like, could Madame Pomfrey regrow amputated limbs, and how sacrilegious is it to requote Luke 1:37 as “Ron 1:37 – with Madame Pomfrey nothing is impossible”

However, the dinner conversation was not as exciting. We were talking about why vegetarians didn’t care about the pain and suffering of vegetables being cooked for dinner when they care about the pain and suffering of animals dying for their dinner.

In other news Hufflepuff wants to go to a conference that’s on my little brother’s birthday. I’m fine with that, but for some reason my oldest brother’s 50th birthday party is that night. Even though his birthday is 7 months later. I don’t understand.

AS I’m typing this The Chosen One and Gryffindor are having a very odd conversation that’s mixing yoga, kung fu, and random thoughts. I dare you to have a conversation with Gryffindor that isn’t random. “You can be a superhero! Like Super Kung-Fu Man!” “My favorite yoga pose is corpse pose.”