Ta Da!

The Little Purple House has been vacated! All of our stuff is out. And I’ve done a basic cleaning. Phew! I totally crashed at the end of the day.

I listed a table and a loft bed on Craigslist. Haven’t heard anything about the table but 2 people emailed me about the bed. Here’s hoping someone takes it. If not, I’ll list it for free this weekend.

In other news, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw had the MCAS long composition today, and they came home grouchy. Ravenclaw brought a friend home and was pretty good until the friend left. Hufflepuff was a bear the whole afternoon and evening.

I’m exhausted. I crashed around 7 tonight, after pushing myself hard for a few weeks. I can’t do any more. Blerg. Now to put together Ikea stuff, buy Hufflepuff’s bed in a bag, and and and and … the list never ends.

On the plus side, now The Chosen One really understands why I’m tired every weekend! I go back to work tomorrow, and it sounds relaxing.