Out with the old…

Today was all about clearing out the old to make room for the new. We got 420lbs of trash from the old house dumped at the dump. And then we kept cleaning. I think we only have 3 more trash bags for trash day tomorrow, at least. Plus a goodly amount of recycling.

Gryffindor complained that her sisters had each gotten a day off school to help pack, but she hadn’t. So, she got a day off school to clean. I don’t quite understand her desire to do this – I’d have happily gone to school to avoid this! But, she rocks and she worked her butt off today helping me clear out the old house.

We put the mattress & box spring, little dresser, and antique hoosier on Freecycle. The first two have been picked up, and the final one will be picked up tomorrow afternoon. Then someone was looking for chairs, so I am dumping 2 mismatched dining room chairs tomorrow morning, too. I posted the loft beds and dining room table on Craigslist, and here’s hoping I can get someone to buy them this week. If not, they’re going on Freecycle.

I only have a few things left to do at the old house, and then we’re done! A few things to cart away, and then a few things to clean, a decal to take down, and then I will bid a fond farewell. I’ll miss that house! I loved living there. It’s in a great location, has a great feel to it, and worked really well for our family most of the time. It will always have a special place in my heart.

On the other hand, It’s really nice to have the extra space in the new house!!! Sound carries more here, though, I think.

We had a good St. Patrick’s day today, too. Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw wore shamrock decorations, and everyone wore green. I even got a couple nice shamrock/St. Pat’s lunches made.

And now it’s late and I’m exhausted. Tomorrow should be easier. I hope.