Sunday, Stressful Sunday

I was proud of myself for getting the girls and myself to church today. OK, so Ravenclaw’s shoes were too small, but we all had church clothes on and got there at the appropriate time. We were even a couple minutes early and got our favorite pew! I had swapped assignments with my co-teacher so she was teaching this week and I’ll teach next week, I knew I couldn’t pull together a lesson with the move and everything.

During church I got a text from my cousin offering to help us this afternoon. Given that we have a bazillion things to put together (thank you Ikea), I accepted the help.

My cousins and their kids put together the bookshelf for Ravenclaw and Gryffindor, 2 shelves we’re putting up for their American Girl dolls, 2 nightstands, and most of Gryffindor’s bed. We need to build the 3 drawers that go inside her bed, but she is able to sleep on it tonight.

Meanwhile, The Chosen One and I had a major test of our marriage by putting together something from Ikea. We definitely approach things differently, and he is slower than I am. I could tell that we both frustrated each other at times, but we got it done. This was the first of 2 wardrobes. The second one should go quicker. We also have to put together the pantry, but that has so many pieces I wanted to attack the wardrobe first. That was a good choice. The wardrobe was stressful enough.

The Chosen One, upon seeing me totally freak out with stress and have another anxiety attack where I felt like I couldn’t breathe, took pity on me and ordered us take out. As much as I don’t like to have restaurant food on the Sabbath, and I wouldn’t order it myself, I was not turning it down when he ordered it! There was much rejoicing! It was good, filling food, and now Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw have leftovers for their thermoses tomorrow.

Someday I’d like to go to bed at the same time as my husband. And cuddle before we pass out. But for now, I’m happy to be in the same house and the same bed.