Sleeping in my house with my husband and daughters

That’s my joy. There was a lot of activity today (we moved the furniture and the boxes in 2 hours!), a lot of decisions, some unpacking, some cleaning, and a lot of people helping. I’m intensely grateful for all the wonderful people in my life who helped. And those who were there in spirit. I was anxious and overwhelmed for much of the day, but I got through it. And (with the exception of our TV electronics and some things here and there) we are moved in completely.

But now, laying in my bed with my husband while my daughters sleep nearby, I’m at peace. I was so happy to hear them chatting while I was taking my shower. I’m so happy to have everyone I love in the same house together. It’s lovely.

I’m also exhausted.

Ravenclaw’s final play was tonight! She was the tortoise in Aesop’s Musical Foibles. She did a great job, and totally hammed it up. She had 15-20 lines, was identified in the program, and did an awesome job. I’m really proud of her! Her friend P played Zeus, and was fabulous, too. It’s so great to see these kids coming out of their shells and really putting on a show. Absolutely the best play we’ve seen at this school, and we’ve seen 3 other plays because of the older girls.

Tomorrow the younger 2 have church with me, and Hufflepuff has her coming of age program at her church, and then we need to do some cleaning at the old house and putting together of Ikea stuff at our home.

Our home. That makes me so happy! *sigh* Love it. The Chosen One isn’t the only sappy person in our family, even though sometimes it seems like it. :)

Oh, and true to form, Hufflepuff already had 3 friends over. They were helpful (which was awesome), but she managed to have 3 friends over within hours of moving. I’m impressed.

I love this house! And now I need to pass out from exhaustion. I’m amazed I made it this far!