I’d say that at least 95% of our house is packed. But there are some things left.

There are walls and walls of boxes. And I’m just so, so tired right now.

The girls were more helpful than one would assume, but less helpful than I would have wished.

I never want to move again, unless I can hire movers to pack.

I need sleep. People are coming in 8 hours to help me move, and I think I have enough done that we can be successful. We’ll definitely have to come back to get things here and there and to clean, but at least we’ll have most of it done.

I still wish I had gotten everything done. I have to give up now, though – I’m out of boxes and energy.

I had an anxiety attack today. Totally freaked out the older girls, who were home. ugh. It felt like I was unable to breathe and I was having chest pains. Freaked me out, too. I relaxed and rested for 30 minutes, then I was ok to keep going.

My boss forgot to pay me. Whoops! I’ll see if he’s at work tomorrow afternoon, otherwise I guess I’ll stop in on Monday.

I can’t wait to have most of the stuff moved and be able to take a nice shower to wash off the moving crud and the dust and debris.

I’m kinda sad about my last night in my little purple house, but I’m excited to start living together as a family! Only a month and a half after the wedding! :)

Ravenclaw had her first performance tonight where she was a character with lines. I’m looking forward to seeing her tomorrow night! And not only because that means I will have finished the big push for the move!