Even more boxes

I’m creating a wall, I think. A wall of boxes. The dining room table is covered in them. And it’s spreading into the living room. We’ve almost emptied the kitchen, and a good part of the living room is emptied. The dining room is emptied. The girls’ room is mostly packed up. My room needs some work, but there’s nothing on my shelves any more. It’s a long process, though.

Today I had work, and I got some stuff done. But, because my boss is awesome, he told me that I shouldn’t come in until 1:30, and he might not need me at all. Yay!

Tomorrow is Ravenclaw’s first play, and she’s talked Hufflepuff into doing her make up for the show. I get to do hair. :) I’m looking forward to seeing her on Saturday night!

I talked to the girls’ father, and he has agreed to let Gryffindor go to the Catholic school if I can finagle the finances. He had been refusing, so this is a huge break. I’ll call them up tomorrow to talk further.

I had forgotten about Ravenclaw’s half day today, and got very lucky. Her friend K’s mom agreed to pick her up. They live kinda near my work, so I thought they would just drop Ravenclaw off at my office. Instead they took her to lunch at 5 Guys and then had her play until 5! I got a quick chat in with her, and it looks like Hufflepuff might get a babysitting gig for K while the mom is working. The parents are a radio DJ and a chef, so no 9-5 hours there! Ugh. I just have to worry about Thursdays with Ravenclaw, as I work a full day and she no longer has play practice.

I’ve dropped a lot of balls due to this move, and I’m trying to pick them up and keep juggling. Why doesn’t the world just pause while I try to get it all together? Why do things have to happen this week? Blerg. I really need a pause button on my life.

The Chosen One and I put out the welcome mat today at the new house. Literally – we put out the foot scraping door mat and the blue rug for the mudroom. He got the rugs steam cleaned upstairs, so tomorrow we’ll bring up Hufflepuff’s mattress. Gryffindor’s mattress came rolled up, so we unrolled that upstairs today to let it re-puff. Their rug is also unrolled and looking cute. I’m going to need to put together their nightstands and Gryffindor’s bed, as well as having to put together everything else. Oh, and apparently Hufflepuff needs sheets. I forgot that I was moving her up a size of bed, which means that I need to get her new sheets. Oops.

It’s been a long day. I’m exhausted. And there’s so much left to do! Gah! It makes me think of a Calvin and Hobbes comic where the dad tucks Calvin into bed and says, “another busy day tomorrow!” and Calvin freaks out. That’s about how I feel. It’ll be OK though. It’ll all work out.