Making progress

Today made a huge difference in the pile of stuff. I think we might actually get this done. It helps that Gryffindor (who has the most stuff left to pack other than household stuff) has Thursday and Friday off. Ravenclaw took today off to pack, and was a huge help. Hufflepuff will take off Friday.

It was so cool to stop in the house and see the floors all looking shiny! My mom rocks!

It was also cool to see all the big pile of stuff from Ikea! Now to put it all together! Methinks some children will be sleeping on mattresses for a night or two until I can get the beds put together.

I just realized I have to buy sheets for Hufflepuff’s bed. She’s moving up to a full from a twin. Whoops! How did I miss that?

My body is aching from all the packing, but we got a lot done, and the first floor has turned into box central. It looks like the boxes are taking over! But it works.

I brought over a second bench (third to go over tomorrow). They’re going to look so nice in the mudroom! I’m so excited about that room! I just saw that Christmas Tree Shops has the benches again. I’m wondering if we should get another one, but we’re probably good. My mom is wonderful, but evil for giving me their flier…

I can’t believe I have to work tomorrow. How can I focus on anything other than packing?? My boss is coming back today from Orlando, so he wants us to try to get some work done when he gets back, and I’m sure that will be helpful. But this week is nuts. Tomorrow Ravenclaw has a half day and my mom has plans. Thankfully her friend K’s mom can pick them up and bring them for lunch, then I can pick her up after that. Then there’s (guess what!) more packing and even more packing. Yay!

I’ve got to ask if I can check out of work at 1 on Thursday. I usually work a full day, but I’m very concerned about getting everything done if I have to work until 5. But I’m really wishing I could go to book club on Thursday night. It’ll depend on what I get done tomorrow, I guess. I’m glad I have Friday off (and then Monday and Tuesday), because that means that these things might actually happen.

Ravenclaw is whining a lot about moving. She is begging me to never move again. I really don’t think we’d move before she goes to college, so she’s pretty darn safe. But it does suck for her. She moved 3 times in 6 years, which is probably too much for a 10 year old. I told her about my 9 moves in Marblehead, but that didn’t impress her. Oh – and that doesn’t count the move their dad did. So 4 moves in 6 years. Blergh.

Hufflepuff, on the other hand, is already out the door. She wants to be in the new house yesterday, if not sooner. So she’s almost eager to be helpful. Not really, but she is pretty good at pretending to be willing to help out.

The girls have been excited about our diet over the past week and a half. Pizza twice, Qdoba, etc. The only thing I’ve made was spaghetti with sauce & sausages a couple times. My wallet and the rest of me will be happy once we’ve moved and I can cook again. Until then, we can enjoy the gluten-free versions of fast-ish food in the area.

I’m up late – brain kept churning despite being tired. I need to crash, though. I did make a couple shamrock lunches for tomorrow, today’s were just leftover pizza.