A Sisyphusian task

Or at least it feels like that. The more I get done the more there is to do. Ugh.

Sisyphus at least just had to push a boulder up a mountain. He didn’t have to find boxes to put the boulders into, then find more boxes and even more boxes. Blerg.

It’ll all get done, I know that. I believe that. It just feels like it won’t. And after spending almost 2 hours scrubbing the floors in the new house (to get the paint off the floors), I felt like I was in a losing battle with the boxes. A friend came over to help pack, but I wasn’t even sure what she should do. I gave her a few things, but it felt like I wasn’t organized enough to have things packed. Bah.

Tomorrow the stuff from Ikea will be delivered (yay!), and I’ll spend more time packing. I have to work Wednesday and Thursday, but I’ll be off Friday. However, Gryffindor has a school exhibition tomorrow night and I should go to that. Plus, Ravenclaw has a play Thurs-Sat. And we’re moving on Saturday. And going to her play at 6:30. No stress there at all.

My eye is twitching with stress. Usually it doesn’t bother me because it happens to my right eye, but I’m not good when eye things happen to my good eye. And this twitch is in my left eye.

We had one more trip to Home Depot today to get a quart of the paint for the bathroom for my mom to finish, and we tried to get a quart of paint for the threshold between the mudroom and library. It’s currently white and trashed. We got a dark brownish burgundy. I think it’ll look great, but I worry that The Chosen One felt pushed into it. What would be ideal is having a friend paint it to make it look like wood planks. Or just redoing the threshold. Or sanding it down and putting on a coat of poly. And maybe we’ll do some of those things in time, but it would just be nice for it not to look trashed when we move in.

Now to go to sleep close to 10 rather than close to 12, maybe that will help. My legs and hips are worn out – all that sitting on the floor in the mudroom scraping and scrubbing off paint sucks.