Sunday Sunday Sunday

I moved my closet today. And I managed to move over one of the little benches that will sit in front of the windows in the mudroom. It looks good there.

We got some packing done, but I had a lot of laundry and other stuff to get done. Tomorrow I’ll be scraping paint off the floor (yay) after I drop the girls at school. And then back to more packing.

It was nice to go to church today and have some of the menfolk tell me they were looking forward to helping me move next weekend. I’m so grateful. And two people offered to help me pack. It’s crazy.

It was also nice to go to church because I wasn’t teaching, so I could just listen to the lessons. Plus I managed to talk to my co-teacher and swap lessons with her so I don’t teach next week right after moving. I already have to go to Ravenclaw’s play on Saturday evening, I don’t want to have to prep for teaching, too.

This is going to be a long week. But, at least I have a bed. The Chosen One is staying at the house without his mattress, and the aerobed leaks, so he has nothing. :( I’m hoping we can get his mattress over there soon. Or something.

I do love having him in town, though! :) It’s nice to see him. Can’t wait to actually live together! :)

Now I’m exhausted, and the website is having problems, so I’ll have to post this tomorrow. I wanted to type it tonight, though, so I don’t lose my momentum of writing every day.