7 hours at Ikea. 10:30am-5:30pm. That’s a lot.

But, we found most of what we needed. We found the wardrobe and the pantry we wanted, and got them fitted out exactly the way we wanted them.

We also found a bed for Gryffindor, a box spring and mattress for Hufflepuff, and a bunch of other stuff. Lamps, clothes hangers, clips for bags, shelves, night stands, bookshelves for the girls’ rooms, and a gnome puppet. And more. Including lingonberry jam. :)

I’m exhausted from all the walking around. I can’t think very well.

We did have a nice first night in the new house, though! Despite the air mattress deflating as we slept… And now The Chosen One is sleeping at the new house on Hufflepuff’s mattress while she sleeps on the couch here for a night. We’ll go get her mattress tomorrow.

I’m going to pass out soon. I’m feeling intensely grateful for The Chosen One’s willingness to drive us and help out with everything. And for my kids being helpful much of the time. I only wanted to ditch Hufflepuff a few times. I got irritable, got better when I ate, and then got irritable again at the end.

Good night.