Rachel’s Big Adventure


Today I hung up all the clothes that have been on my chair. And started packing summer clothes and t-shirts. My clothes need to all go into boxes/bags because they will be moved into The Chosen One’s dresser. My dresser will go to Hufflepuff, hers will go to Gryffindor, and hers will go to Ravenclaw. Ravenclaw’s beautiful, hand-painted dresser will have to go somewhere else, or to someone else. *sigh* It’s hard when they outgrow things!

I also packed up the rest of the books in my room. The book at the right, “Rachel’s Big Adventure” was written for me by my aunt. Auntie M wrote this book before my parents took me to visit her in NYC. She wrote all about the big city and apartment buildings, her dog, etc. My mom remembers reading it to me over and over before the trip. I just remember always having it. And every big change I’ve gone through since I’ve called Rachel’s Big Adventure.

photo-25Tonight is our first night staying in the new house! The Chosen One and I are sleeping on an air mattress, and Hufflepuff is staying on her mattress, which is a foam one, so we just ran it over here from the old house. Big excitement! I asked Gryffindor and Ravenclaw if they minded that we were staying there without them, and they looked at me like I was nuts. “We’re staying in warm comfy beds!” they replied. They didn’t really want to camp out. I think it’s pretty awesome to spend our first night here, and I’m glad we’re doing it together. I do wish the girls were here, but we’ll all be here together soon enough!

Tonight, sleep. Tomorrow am – boxes from the grocery store. Then off to Ikea! Big excitement!