Taxi mom

I got out of 5 years of taxi-ing by not driving. That is feeling brilliant today!

My mom’s cousin came to the house today to see it and meet The Chosen One. It was a lovely meeting, got to eat yummy muffins my mom made and show off a bit. Lots of fun. My dad & stepmom also came over and saw the painting we had done, and were mightily impressed.

We went to Home Depot and got more paint (yay!). We needed a couple more gallons of paint for the family room and the dining room, and then we had to replace the crummy paint we were using for Hufflepuff’s bedroom and the bathroom.

The I drove an hour each way to get Hufflepuff and her friend home from horseback riding. I brought muffins, and they were quite happy. Hufflepuff rode bareback today! I never did that, and always wanted to. Very cool.

I dropped Hufflepuff off at the house and picked up Gryffindor from her dad’s house, then swung back around to grab Hufflepuff again so they could go to the Imagine Dragons concert.

I came back to the house and my friend SB was painting, and The Chosen One, who had planned to drive the girls to their ride a 40m drive away, wasn’t there. So… I drove to and from again. Yay.

I finally got back to the house around 3:45 to start painting. There are second coats on all the walls! Touch ups and trim are all that’s needed. Phew!

I took Ravenclaw out for dinner tonight, just the 2 of us. We planned to go to Outback, but there was an hour long wait, so we went to the 99 instead. Ravenclaw was thrilled to have steak, though she had planned to have ribs, so all was well.

Now I’m watching the Hobbit with Ravenclaw waiting for the call to come pick up the older 2. Miles to go before I sleep.