Love of reading

If there’s one thing I wanted to give my kids, one thing I wanted to pass on, it was my love of reading and books. We spent a lot, lot, lot of time when they were little with me reading to them or, if we were in the car, listening to audio books. They loved stories as little kids, and we continue it today – our nighttime book is currently The House of Hades, and we’ve loved all the Percy Jackson books.

photo-16I did worry about their love of reading to themselves. Hufflepuff’s learning disability made that hard for her to enjoy on her own, and Gryffindor didn’t get into individual reading early either. Now, however, they love it. Hufflepuff broke through her LD and loves to read, Gryffindor found books she loves, and Ravenclaw loves most books.

Hufflepuff and Gryffindor have shared love for a few books (The Hunger Games trilogy comes to mind), but they tend to have very different interests. Hufflepuff loves any romance, and Gryffindor thought The Hunger Games had too much romance. Today was one of the first times I saw Gryffindor and Ravenclaw sharing the love for a book that wasn’t Harry Potter. Gryffindor had loved The Candymakers, and she is so excited to see her sister reading it! They keep talking about things in the story, and Ravenclaw can’t put the book down. It’s a delight to watch.

The Chosen One texted me to tell me to look for an email today. The plumber who “winterized” the house did a bad job, and we have some broken pipes. I’m really upset, as is he, and we had no clue until the plumber came in to set up our boiler. I don’t know how much damage we’re talking about yet, and we don’t know if we can do anything other than just fix it. I feel like the plumber is clearly at fault, but who knows what position we’re in legally. Ugh.

Today was moderately uneventful in our current house. I had to leave work early because Ravenclaw spiked a fever, and I had to go pick her up. Yay. Other than that, we went through usual stuff with homework and what not. Then Ravenclaw & Gryffindor went out with their dad and Hufflepuff and I went shopping. We found a cute pair of shoes for me and a dress for her. Not completely what we were looking for, but ah well. We found a couple other random things, and then gave up and went to Sonic to grab dinner-ish stuff. Hufflepuff had dinner. I had tater tots and cherry limeade. My diet goes to pot when I go to Sonic, and it’s close to the mall, so it’s hard to say no.

I learned something about my migraine today – my face feels worse (more numb, heavy, that kind of thing) just before the headache “peaks”. So if I take the medicine when my face gets bad I can reduce the amount of pain I feel when the headache peaks. It’s good to know. Some people have visual auras they get before migraine, I get face weirdness. I guess I’ll take it – it’s much better than having nothing.

Now it’s time for bed, the girls are asleep, and it’s my bedtime. I can feel the headache meds wearing off and my face getting weird again, so it’s time for me to read a few pages of my book and go to sleep. Tomorrow is another day, including a trip to the temple.