Lively, or not


Today I didn’t feel lively (that’s my #cy365 prompt for today), but thankfully Ravenclaw was, so she was happy to jump up and down to show how lively she is.

I woke up with a level 8 headache, and so I took the rescue meds right away. And they made me feel wretched for a while. And I started coughing. I was a barrel of fun. I also woke up tired, something that hasn’t happened in quite a while. If it keeps happening I’ll wonder if it’s a side effect of the blood pressure med…

Anyhow, I was ready to fall asleep for a bit at work, but managed to power through it, and after a couple hours I was back to my own normal. Yay.

I packed a full lunch for Gryffindor, who had a half day I had forgotten about, but she won’t eat a packed lunch at school. She likes her life to be regulated like that. Hufflepuff, who stayed home after vomiting during her shower, was able to eat her leftover sushi lunch, so that was good. I picked up Ravenclaw after school, and she was in a good mood, thankfully. 10 has been much better than 9. Much better.

This afternoon was all about me resting while the girls played My Little Pony and sorting Pokemon cards. And then came the call…

The Chosen One was outside with our new boiler! Squee! I jumped in the car with him and we brought it inside the new house! Now the plumber has to come tomorrow and start getting it set up… It’s unlikely it’ll be warm by this weekend, but hopefully we can start painting next week.

The roofer and the electrician are coming tomorrow to give estimates, but I have to be at work, so The Chosen One and I walked through the house looking at outlets. Some rooms have a bazillion and some have almost none. It’s very odd. And there are rooms where three of the plugs are 3 pronged, but one is 2 pronged. Again, a bit odd. And we need lights on the stairs to the basement. And a light switch when you come into the kitchen. Thankfully we’re completely in agreement.

Tonight I went shopping for some new work clothes and a new church dress. I may or may not have found the dress I wanted, but I definitely found a couple new work outfits, which is good. I was getting down to just a few things in a rotation. Next up after we move is getting back into exercising & dieting. I don’t think I’ll have time until after the move, and the move will be a goodly amount of exercise. My diet will have to change for the better soon, too. I can do anything after Valentine’s day. I’m willing to give up chocolate on 2/15. And other sweets. I just want to enjoy my favorite Raspberry Hugs that are only around for this season.

I had a great talk with the girls today, too. They’re excited about the house, and looking forward to the painting and moving in to just happen already!

Tomorrow Hufflepuff has to go to school, even if she’s puking, because she has to take those midterms we had to postpone from Monday. I have a full day of work, so she also has to grab Ravenclaw after her play practice. Gryffindor just needs to remember to come home and start homework.

Life is very busy. But my heart is full. I’m looking forward to this weekend – couch shopping time! :)