I’ve been a part of an email group since Hufflepuff was only a couple months old. She’s going to be 16 in May. I’ve met several of the women on the list, and they’ve met others, to the point that I think we all have met someone who has me another, with the possible exception of the women in Australia and Ireland.

My friend Logan has been on that list, off and on, since before I joined. His daughter Cassie was born with a disease called EB, a disease where the skin blisters and doesn’t heal properly. Cassie was incredibly lucky to be born to a family with a dad who was so focused on her happiness. Cassie loved drawing and animé and the geek stuff that Logan loved. She collected Monster High dolls and was always wearing cat ears.

Sadly, Cassie died this morning. While everyone knew her illness would eventually be terminal, she had been in Hospice last year for a bit, she was doing OK until she got the flu.

I’m heartbroken. It’s so sad. Logan is an amazing dad who gave up so much to focus his life on Cassie and her brother Walt. Walt has a milder form of EB, and was adopted by Logan years ago.

I’m praying and praying for their family, but prayers and a sympathy card aren’t enough. A site has been set up to help pay for funeral expenses and other expenses for the family. Please give if you can. 

This isn’t what I was planning to write today. I went to a Special Ed meeting on Wednesday, I’ve got another tomorrow morning, and then another Monday morning. Plus the girls ate their animal buns. But Cassie is much more important than any of that.