Sick bay!

JanuaryToday was a long day. As I mentioned last night, I put everything onto the calendar last night. Which, of course, means that things change the next day. This is why I use the Temple calendars. Looking at the Temple helps me stay calm when I feel overwhelmed by everything we have to do.

Today Gryffindor and Ravenclaw stayed home from school. Both were sick with an upper respiratory virus. Gryffindor was sicker than Ravenclaw, but Ravenclaw has viral asthma, so I watch her more carefully. I managed to get them in to see a doctor today – not our usual doctor, not her nurse practitioner, but another doctor in the practice. I liked him for the most part, but he rubbed me the wrong way in others. I think we’ll be staying with the doctor we have as our PCP. Plus, he’s clearly slow. We waited an hour and a half to even be seen, while many people seeing other docs or NPs were in and out long before we got to be seen.

Sick bay girl

Gryffindor came out of the appointment with a nasal spray to help deal with the mucous in her sinuses. He was clear that the cough & lack of appetite were due to the post-nasal drip, so thought addressing the mucous was the way to go. He also said not to use any OTC meds other than what we call “meth lab Sudafed”, as those would make the illness last longer. It’s worth trying.

Ravenclaw was given a new inhaler and spacer – her old spacer had accidentally been stepped on, and they don’t work as well if they’re cracked. This new one is even cooler than the other one, so she’s all excited.

Tonight I went to a SEPAC (special education parent advisory council) meeting in a nearby town. I’m going to a training on Saturday for new SEPAC leaders, then there’s a meeting to re-form our town’s SEPAC on Monday, so I needed to have some experience. Thankfully my coworker runs the other town’s SEPAC, so I had an in there. This meeting was about conflict resolution, with a lawyer as the speaker. It was a great program (and I got a great pen as a freebie), but I had to leave about 30 minutes early to be home when the girls got home.

Heart lunch

Today’s lunches were heart-themed, but because 2/3 of the girls were home sick, tomorrow’s lunches will be the same lunches carried over to tomorrow. Hufflepuff’s lunch is usually just a fruit & dessert in one container and a main lunch in a Thermos, so hers won’t change much.