Tuesdays are busy

photo 3(1)No, seriously, they are.

Every week the girls have a Church activity. The older two have Young Women’s, and the youngest has Achievement Night. These activities have a different focus and agenda each week, but they happen every week. Today’s YW activity was a Career Night which seemed to focus on medical jobs, as they had a doctor, a nurse, and a radiologist. Very cool, but nothing G1 or G2 are interested in.

Today also marked another day of school lunches. The focus was on Mickey Mouse, so here he is reaching out of a satsuma. As much as I love the word satsuma, I love the flavor even more. Yum! So sweet, so seedless, so easy to peel… they make clementines taste blah. And I have always loved clementines.

photo 1(6)Part of today’s busy-ness was because I had to pick everyone up. It was COLD, with windchills in the negative numbers, so no one wanted to walk home. As much as I think kids should walk more, today wasn’t the day to enforce it. I picked up Ravenclaw and her friend C from school, then dropped them at the house and got them snack. They got settled playing a game Ravenclaw got from The Chosen One (Totally Gross), and then I had to run out to get Gryffindor. I got Gryffindor and she was still feeling quite sick. I’m thinking she shouldn’t have gone to school, but I can’t change what has already happened.

Everyone was playing quietly when Hufflepuff told me her meeting was over, so I left them to go get her. I had remembered that my prompt for CY365 was “Natural Treasure”, so Huffelpuff and I stopped off at our harbor to take sunset pictures before going home. I did manage to get a photo with minimal boats & houses for the actual photo of the day, but I loved the photo at right so much that I had to include it with this post.

I made lasagna, supervised homework, and got them all off to Church with our friend driving, and then I got to spend a couple hours watching a movie and transferring birthdays, half days, and vacations over to our new calendar. The calendar arrived yesterday, which explains the push to get everything onto it. Of course the girls came home 10 minutes before the end of my movie, so I had to finish it while everyone was in bed falling asleep. And now I need to sleep.