ringLife is filled with routines. Some become dull, but others are comforting. I have built up almost 5 years of comforting weekend routines. I’ve found that I feel a bit off if I don’t do them. Things are going to change once The Chosen One moves to our town, and then once we get married and live together, but for now I will keep enjoying our routines.

On Friday evenings after the girls go to their father’s house (and now Hufflepuff goes to her grandparents’ house) I take the train to Boston to stay with The Chosen One. We have dinner, watch a show, and sleep. In the mornings I futz around and read while he’s productive. (Care to guess who is the morning person?) Then we do our shopping.

shoppingI’ve discovered that having a routine for shopping (BJs, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods) every Saturday morning is incredibly comforting. I want the stores to stay in that order, so if I don’t find something at BJs I look at TJs. If I don’t find it there (their stock changes), then I’ll pay WF prices. Or I’ll wait to get home and go to one of our local grocery chains. When we’re done shopping I use the time to prepare to teach the kids at church, or I’ll write or read.

I leave Boston every week on the 4:30 train (more prep/reading/writing time), then get home, unpack everything and get ready for the girls to get home at 6:30. We have a low-preparation-time dinner, watch a movie, take showers, and get ready for church the next morning.

familiesChurch is, of course, its own routine. As Mormons we have a 3 hour block of meetings on Sundays. Our first hour is like a “normal” church service, with talks and the sacrament. Then I teach Primary (or children’s Sunday School) for an hour, and the final hour is a group singing/lesson time. If you aren’t a child the youth and adults have their own Sunday Schools for an hour, and the third hour is divided by age and gender, so the Young Women have their activity, the men have theirs, and the over-18 women have theirs.

This week is the first week of the new year, so I have to prep a bit more than usual for my class. I have the same kids (just-turned 9 year olds), but a new co-teacher. This week I’ll do the first lesson, and she’ll do next week, and so forth.  We’re studying the Old Testament in 2014, which is a challenge for me, so I’m very grateful for the manuals and the various tips other people have posted online.