Happy 2014!

Happy New Year!Welcome to our new blog, The Year of Living Change-erously! My goal for the year is to do a photo a day, and ideally a blog post a day chronicling the changes our family deals with over the year. Our About Us page lists a bit about every person in the family, but I’ll post a little here to start us off.

I’m a divorced mom of 3 girls in my early 40s. I’m engaged to The Chosen One, and we’ll be married this spring. We got engaged at The Three Broomsticks, a pub in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter with my three daughters sitting with us. I think that says quite a bit about our family and our relationship. He’s an only child, has no children, and has never been married. He has a lot of change to get adjusted to this year as well.

Purple HouseMy daughters are Hufflepuff, my 15 year old extrovert; Gryffindor, my 13 year old introvert; and Ravenclaw my 10 year old extrovert of extroverts. The girls and I currently live in a very small  (640 sq feet) purple house in a small seaside town north of Boston. The Chosen One and I are closing soonish (we hope, it’s a short sale, which means it takes forever) on a house three times the size in the same town.  The Chosen One lives about 45 minutes (without traffic, up to 2 hours with traffic) away in a suburb a bit west of Boston. We are really looking forward to all being in the same town, finally!

A bit about the girls:

Christmas FamilyHufflepuff is a sophomore at our local high school. She has a dyslexia-like learning disability, and is well supported in her classes there. She’s got a lot of friends, and they’re frequently in and out of our house. While she likes Harry Potter well enough, she’s not obsessed like the rest of us. She loves reading, and gets very involved in her books. She also likes writing stories, One Direction, Minecraft, and texting. A lot of texting.

G2 Happy New YearGryffindor is in 8th grade, the final year of our local charter school. She really does well in smaller groups than the high school, so we’re looking at other options for her simply due to size – our high school is wonderful academically. Part of the small size need is her incredible distractibility – ooh, look a squirrel! She loves penguins, and plans to study Marine Biology at BYU Hawaii to go into penguin-ology, as she says. She’s also obsessed with Harry Potter, Pokémon, and My Little Pony. Gryffindor has a few close friends rather than the stream of friends of her sisters, but she loves having quiet to regroup, draw, and read after school.

Ravenclaw is in 4th grade at our “upper elementary school”, which is for grades 4-6. She may continue there, or may move to the charter school, which is grades 4-8. She also has a ton of friends, and prefers to have lots of people around her whenever possible. She’s always seeking challenges and going the extra mile in school, and is well liked by her teachers. Like Gryffindor, she loves Harry Potter, Pokémon, and My Little Pony. She’s not a fan of being the youngest, nor of being the shortest, but she’s catching up.

Our first day of 2014 is starting slow. Hufflepuff just came home from her friend’s house, and both Gryffindor and Ravenclaw are playing on iOS devices quietly while The Chosen One works on their new hackintosh laptop.