I am still having GI troubles.

I went to work, though. Lots of talk about the marathon, and the office manager was playing the feed from the marathon all morning.

After work I came home to find out that Ravenclaw needed me to drive her to her friend’s house. But right as we got in the car they pulled up! :) And they brought her home later, too.

I went back to bed. It was nice.

I did manage to cook dinner (ish). Does spaghetti, reheated sauce, and fried tofu count? The girls (allegedly) cleaned up afterwards.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is better. Today was a little better than yesterday, but nothing tasted right and the food smelled wrong. :(

Not a good way to start off the girls’ spring break, but since I have to go to work, it doesn’t matter all that much to me that it’s spring break. Though I do get to sleep in a bit, which is nice.

It was nice knowing The Chosen One was home with them today. Made me feel safe. They’re pretty safe on their own, but it does feel safer to have an adult at home.

So here’s hoping even more that tomorrow goes well. The Chosen One will be at work and Gryffindor is going to my mom’s house. So I’m hoping I feel better and I hope that Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw don’t kill each other when they’re home alone.

Easter was awesome

Until it wasn’t.

We got to sleep in a bit (8:30 for baskets) because it was Stake Conference and I didn’t feel comfortable driving into Cambridge. We went to my mom’s church, and it was quite lovely.

Then we went to my mom’s house for the traditional egg hunt, with a pieced-together non-clue clue for the treasure (bunny for Ravenclaw, Fennikin for Gryffindor, emerald earrings for Hufflepuff).

We had steak and eggs (grilled steak tips and a frittada) plus artichokes, asparagus, roasted potatoes, and a bunny cake for dessert. It was delicious!

As a bonus, Gryffindor had us all singing Feliz Navidad. Until we learned Spanish for Easter, and then we sang that.

We had a nice visit with my dad & step-mom, too. Another hunt, this time for Peeps and a $5. :) Their deck was incredibly warm. So warm that Gryffindor dozed off and Hufflepuff & Ravenclaw went down to the beach. Hufflepuff took a great pic of Ravenclaw in the water. Lovely.

Unfortunately, I started to have a crummy tummy at the end of the celebration and went home to go to bed and the bathroom. I’m not a fan of GI troubles. Other than that, though, it was fabulous.

Resting and Easter Prep

Today was a good mix of resting (I slept until almost 10! and took a nap!) and prepping for Easter. I had some shopping to do so I could bring the annual Easter bunny cake, plus I offered to bring artichokes.

As a bonus, last night when I fell asleep my iPad fell on my face and cut my nose and bruised it. Ouch. Absolutely a #firstworldproblem but it really does hurt.

After I ran my errands I came home with a crummy tummy, so I took that nap. When I went out for another round of errands I came home with a horrible migraine.  I took meds because I still needed to make dinner (stuffed portobellas, roasted brussels sprouts, tater tots) and make the 2 circular cakes that become the bunny.

I was rather grouchy when Ravenclaw and Gryffindor came home from their dad’s house remembering that I had promised to take them shopping for an Easter dress. Blergh. I managed to suck it up and take them to Target, but I was decidedly grouchy by the time I got home.

After dinner we had fun dyeing eggs together (first time we did that with The Chosen One!), decorating the bunny cake, and then watching a film on called “He is Risen” which follows the final days of Jesus. Good little film.

Now that the children are asleep (and so is The Chosen One), the Easter Bunny can come. Tomorrow we’ll have church with my mom and then go to my mom’s house for an Easter brunch with steak and eggs. Sounds like a good plan. Thank goodness I can sleep in a bit tomorrow (until 8), because I’m a little sleepy now.

It’s the little things

I’m grateful for my kids. They make me smile.

I’m grateful for their friends, who keep them busy and happy.

I’m thankful for the parents of their friends who help me out when needed.

I’m thankful for my husband, who stayed home with the kids tonight while I went to an Enrichment meeting at church. He even watched animé with the girls.

I’m thankful for my church and the members in my ward. I’m thankful I came home from Enrichment tonight with three typed pages of book suggestions.

I’m thankful for books. And authors. And the time I can sneak off and read.

I’m thankful for friends who are supportive and give me rides and work together with me to carpool. New friends and old.

I’m thankful for a job that pays pretty well and keeps me busy.

I’m thankful that my middle daughter was able to be a good conversationalist with the enrollment guy at the private school. I’m thankful that it looks like we will be able to send her there. I hope.

Still tired

I don’t foresee this changing any time soon. I had a long day at work and then came home to a busy time before the girls left with their dad, then more busy-ness while The Chosen One and I tried to finish putting together the pantry. But when we put the doors on the drawers won’t open. Oops!

Today I’m feeling very grateful for my relative good health and that of my girls.

I’m also feeling strong promptings to pray for my brother & sister-in-law and their baby today. I hope everything is ok with them.

In other news I’m tired.

Hufflepuff not speaking until the end of school went well. She had a rainbow ribbon and a rainbow bracelet that says something about everyone having a voice. One boy tried to hassle her and make her talk. He did it right in front of a teacher and got sent straight to the office! I’m very impressed with her school right now. And with her. I hope she keeps learning to advocate for herself in general, but this was one specific type of advocacy that is important to her, and I’m proud of her for that.

We watched HGTV’s smart house show tonight. So cool! There are definitely things we want to integrate into our house, but other things that we didn’t like. The rooms felt really small, and I don’t understand using white upholstery on chairs in the dining room. Hunh? And they said people don’t use dining rooms. Really? Everyone I know does. But, I know Mormons. And people who cook all the time. Maybe that’s the difference?

It also annoyed me that there was a TV in every room. Including the shower. WTF? Can’t we have screen-free zones?

So tired now. Must sleep. And we kept The Chosen One up past his bedtime. Oops.

Tomorrow is Gryffindor’s scholarship interview. Ravenclaw is going to a friend’s house because The Chosen One is at the office, and she’d rather not be home alone with Hufflepuff. :)

I am very tired

Today in bullet points:

  • The Chosen One and I got 4 out of 10 drawers installed in the pantry
  • There are 2 drawers put together and ready to go once the rails are installed
  • I made cookies. They are good.
  • Ravenclaw and her friend M made muffins without supervision. They are good.
  • The muffins have fluff and chocolate chips, so I don’t know how they could be bad.
  • Tomorrow Hufflepuff is having a day of silence for LGBTQ youth
  • B is sleeping here tonight
  • Dinner was enchiladas, rice, and beans, and was very good.
  • Gryffindor misremembered how much homework she had. Note to self- double check her memory
  • Hufflepuff threw a fit about going to YW tonight, but had fun once she got there. Score 1 for me.
  • Gryffindor had a good time, too. And came home with extra pancakes.
  • I have no idea what Ravenclaw did at Achievement Night.
  • I am jealous that The Chosen One can go to bed whenever he wants. Only 8 more years ’til the girls are gone and I can do that!
  • I am sleepy now.

That is all

The one in which a good night turns bad

So, my father and step-mother came over to “picnic” and bring us food from a new restaurant in town. It’s a Vietnamese restaurant with almost a completely gluten-free menu. If you’re local it’s called Soall Bistro.

It was delicious. Seriously. I want to eat the lemongrass shrimp all the time. And all of the girls finished all of their food. I was mightily impressed – usually Gryffindor is picky about Asian food, but she loved her lemongrass tofu. And Ravenclaw’s ribs looked divine. The Chosen One was kinda screwed by getting just some chicken since he didn’t get rice or vermicelli with his food, but that was really the only negative about the food.

Unfortunately my kids then acted like crazy obnoxious brats. They were laying down on each other, punching each other, sitting in my lap and acting exhausted… it was seriously annoying in a major way. I am completely fed up with this. I have laid down the law – first punching and you lose all electronics for an hour. Second incident you lose them for the rest of the day. I need them to be able to behave. They’re 10, 13, and 15, and they should be able to interact with humanity without going insane. Ugh! This has gotten worse and worse over the past few weeks, and now I’m mortified. :(

The day before this was good, Ravenclaw had her audition, which seemed to go well, and then she brought two friends home. They had fun talking about anime. Yay. Gryffindor hung out with herself and Hufflepuff locked herself in her room with her Skype friends.

Right now I’m fed up with everyone, so I should go to sleep and pray that the night of sleep grants me an attitude adjustment.

I’m learning a lot

And that’s in a real way. Not the “another freaking growth opportunity” way.

Church was good, and the class I was teaching seemed to go well, despite me forgetting my handouts (including Jacob’s 12 sons’ names) on the breakfast bar. Oops! Gryffindor is the president of her class (the Beehives) for another couple months until she graduates out of the class, so every 2nd Sunday she’s in a meeting for an hour after church. Ugh. Ravenclaw and I had some fun, though chatting with other people who were also stuck there and then nomming on snacks that were there for Relief Society. Hufflepuff had gone with us to church but snagged a ride home from my friend S.

On our way home we picked up Ravenclaw’s friend K. They are auditioning for the “4th grade solos and duets recital” tomorrow. I loathe these concerts. But, I will say, they sounded quite good practicing today. Maybe their concert won’t be as bad as the ones Gryffindor was in (though she sounded really good practicing, too. It’s all the other people that make me cringe). I did learn a lot about the new Taylor Swift song “Eyes Open” from the Hunger Games. I also learned that all of my kids can read music, and they think I’m an idiot for not understanding it. They don’t understand how I could have graduated and passed music classes not knowing this. I’m very grateful for the music program in our schools.

Later, while helping with homework, I learned far more than I ever thought I’d need to know about Bighorn Sheep. Ravenclaw is making a book about them. They’re not all that exciting (unlike the pikas that Gryffindor researched that year), but they are cooler than regular sheep. Gryffindor was doing homework on the computer, too, but hers was a powerpoint about Rafael Nadal, the Spanish tennis player. The Chosen One knew all about him. Gryffindor was impressed, as she knows little to nothing about anything sporty.

In other news The Chosen One and I figured out how to set up the pantries, and they’re all there ready for drawers and doors. I’m so excited! I’ll be able to actually put away all our food! Yay!!

My friend S, her daughter M, and her husband T came to visit us, and we had a nice little visit. They even brought us cookies! :) We had a nice little chat and we talked about a parable regarding anchors for boats, and things in life that anchor you that are good things (and things that weigh you down that aren’t good things, too). It was a nice chat.

And now it’s time for sleep again. Yay!